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We (myself, Impish Girl & the Cherub) went to see it this afternoon and it was *wonderful* and we do not deserve a hero like Diana, but we are grateful that we have her anyway.

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And now I will go & sleep... SUCH a long week. zzzz
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So, Impish Girl read ALL the Harry Potter books (for the first time) over the past couple of weeks. I'm not what you'd call fannish, but I do have a favourite vid: Snakes on a Plane by [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny. Which I of course showed to Impish Girl, and she loved it.

Then she went looking for other vids, and the only one she liked was this one - and damn, but it might be better. Well... as the vidder says, Skyfall could have been written for Harry Potter, and the brilliant editing of the vid manages to capture the brilliance and epicness of the final battle (as well as all the other things going on in the story).

Vidder's notes:

Ok, so this is what I saw in my head since the moment I heard the song. I was like: 'It was inspired by HP or what??'... And when I found out its real purpose I didn't stop associating it with HP. So it took me many months to create this and to think it over and I fixed it a lot of times... And I really hope you enjoy the result. This is my vision and perception of the lyrics.

It's one of those vids where it felt like I wasn't breathing throughout... So I had to share. ♥
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Opinion: Girls Explain Star Wars To You

(I'm going to see The Force Awakens again tomorrow! Yay!)
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Went to see Star Wars today, and lo, it was good.

There might be a few thoughts at some point, but for now - it was good and I enjoyed it very much.
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Darcy and I watched '20000 Days on Earth' last night. And now I have this song on repeat:

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So, The Lego Movie.


(As soon as we got home the girls fetched ALL THEIR LEGO downstairs and have been busy building ever since. And those who have already seen the film will know why I chose the subject line I did... <3)
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Just watched 'One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing' - a very silly & entertaining Disney movie from 1975 (I thought it was older, to be honest). Hugely politically incorrect (it features Peter Ustinov in yellow face... /o\), but also has the awesomest nannies ever (leaving Mary Poppins trailing according to the girls) and passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours.

So if you can cope with the wall-to-wall stereotypes (and that goes for every nationality), look it up if you want a laugh. :)
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Must be Christmas, I've watched several things. Minor (spoilery) rambling beneath the cuts.

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In short:

It looks nice. (Except the children are all too old.) References all the important plot points. Sadly it lacks any depth, and skips ahead so quickly you get no feel for the time that's supposed to pass. (It needed more montages!!!) I expect it'll make nice footage for vids, for those that have read the book.

Mostly, I was very disappointed. But then it's an unfilmable book... Wish they'd gone for an extensive voice-over, however, as so many things fell flat because the viewer (without knowing the book) would have no idea about the significance.

And that's that. Not interested in discussing it, and really hope others will like it more. Personally I'll go back to the book.

(Yes I know he's homophobic. It's still a great book.)

ETA: Mark Kermode is a lot kinder. But then he's obviously not read the book.
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Oh Heathers. It's like doing the time warp. And it's still... utterly singular.

As you might have guessed Darcy and I watched it tonight, and what I noticed was its... Buffyness. Or rather - I don't think Buffy would have been Buffy without Heathers. The twisted sensibility to the whole thing, the *language*, the subversion - Buffy used it all.

Other things... There are really no nice characters (apart from Martha - the overweight girl - and Veronica's old friend, I think her name was Betty?). The guys are either idiot jocks (main contribution: date rape. And this is shown pretty conclusively, and almost as an aside), and the 'cool' outsider turns out to be a complete psychopath. Most of the characters are mostly interested in popularity and/or which university they'll be going to. All of which is especially interesting because it's from a female POV throughout. Except Veronica isn't a saint, or a hero.

Mostly, then I just really like the subversion. J.D. might be cool, and he certainly has legitimate reasons to act out, but that doesn't excuse him. His man!pain is given zero space, and that's very good. (And there's no great love story. Just teenagers being teenagers.)

Finally, it's all very long ago and now I feel old. But I guess that's unavoidable.

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...years after everyone else, I know.

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Watched The Hobbit tonight (on our projector & big screen) and loved it unreservedly.

Especially Thorin.

He's like the anti-Aragorn.

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Finally saw it...

So, this was basically Angel S6, right? W&H allllll over everything, except they had a proper budget.

Shame about having no time for world building (OK, I brought my own, but...) - or a decent plot. Or characterisation. Or (as Darcy said) 'Where did Sigourney Weaver come from?'

Mostly then the Japanese school girls chanting a spell and turning the evil spirit into a frog was the highlight.
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This trailer is ridiculously gorgeous. (Watch it in full screen! Seriously.) The thing is, I don't expect the movie to be as brilliant as the trailer makes out, but that doesn't dent my appreciation one bit. This is... like a vid. A stunning, enchanting vid.

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Beg, borrow or steal to go see this in the cinema. Srsly.

Scattered spoilers )

ETA: Darcy's verdict: 'There are very few perfect films. But that? Was a perfect film.'
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