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First of all - I hope my previous post didn't create the impression that I didn't like the film! It was just a bit like sitting through a whole season of TV, crammed into 2 1/2 hours... No space to breathe.

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(And had stayed unspoiled...)

Main impression: That was THE LONGEST THING EVER! Classic Who will FLY by after this.
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And it was exactly as awesome as I thought/had been told. ♥ ♥ ♥

Went looking for vids, because I figured that SURELY someone had made one to 'Light Em Up' - and yes, there was one, but it was just a straightforward retelling. I did find one called Light It Up, which was fun, and then came across this one, which is short, but utterly delightful:

Please come talk to me! :D
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So, the day before yesterday Darcy & decided to watch The Winter Soldier (it was on Netflix, we hadn't seen it).

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Watched the trailer(s) for Avengers: Infinity War. (That is the name, yes?) SO MANY CHARACTERS. Half the film must just be people meeting each other. (Which is cool and all, but unless it's five hours long how will they get all the action in too?) Ah well, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful roller-coaster ride of epic proportions.

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First of all, a quick shout-out to Doctor Who's black, bald, female General:

Do I maybe have a type?

In short, the world might be going to hell, but our stories are getting SO MUCH MORE DIVERSE! Here's to having SO MANY black female generals for SO LONG that it becomes a dull trope. Say the next 100 years? :)

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Sidebar: Thor was on telly last night. Watched a bit, and yet again wanted to punch something or someone. Like... it's all perfectly fine, but when you know something about ACTUAL Norse mythology, it's just an incredible mystery as to why they took something so amazing and just made it follow the same narrative as almost every other story ever...

Take Loki. He's a very appealing character, he's well acted etc etc. (even if he's saddled with dreary 'Oh noes I am adopted!' issues). But the 'real' Loki was a pan-sexual, gender-fluid shape-shifting Trickster god...

Which I guess is a bit too much for Hollywood. They can barely make more than very very coy allusions to Deadpool's bisexuality.
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It was in ITV2 last night. And we got half way through.

I had this notion that it was a Good Thing; not quite sure why, but that was the fannish vibe I had gotten. (I also got Good Thing vibe re. Guardians of the Galaxy, and found *that* unwatchable, although for different reasons.) Anyway, I should backtrack a little...

When we went to see Black Panther one of the trailers was puzzling. It looked vaguely Transformer-y, had a young & nicely diverse cast - and seemed to be about giant robots punching monsters in the face. It wasn't until the final titles flashed up that I discovered it was for Pacific Rim 2.

Somehow no one had ever mentioned that Pacific Rim was about giant robots punching monsters in the face... Generally if a movie is dumb, but awesome, I pick up on it and set my expectations accordingly. Ah well. I don't know that it would have made a difference.

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Don't get me wrong, there is nothing WRONG with giant robots, especially since Darcy then discovered a movie called Robot Jox from 1989, from which Pacific Rim clearly has taken most of it's cues/ideas (just adding Godzilla). The film's plot follows Achilles, one of the "robot jox" who pilot giant machines that fight international battles to settle territorial disputes in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world.

JUST LOOK AT THIS SEQUENCE (and see how the Pacific Rim robots are literally lifted wholesale). Bonus, this movie's hero has a memorable name, and I already care about his world:

(WHY DOES EVERYONE STILL LIVE IN THOSE CITIES IN PACIFIC RIM??!??? WHY DO THEY ALL RUN AROUND PANICKING, WHY ARE THERE NOT PROCEDURES IN PLACE??? WHY- ok, I'll stop. There are no answers beyond 'robots punching monsters in the face'.)
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Watched this a couple of days ago. Full of filthy and crude humour, often excessively violent... and hysterically funny and irreverent.

Here's a trailer for Deadpool 2 which is just too perfect for words. If you have never seen it, and wonder if you'll like it - watch this trailer.

Also came across Darth Vader voiced by Deadpool which is exactly as great as you would expect. Particular shout-out to 'Is the mask muffling my voice?'

Oh and another trailer: Wet on wet.
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So, today is Groundhog Day. (Quite literally, it's the 2nd of February. Darcy & Miss M even watched the groundhog live on TV.)

So, tonight we watched the S2 finale of The Good Place and then Groundhog Day, which went very well together - Eleanor is essentially a 21st century Phil Connors.
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Finally watched this film.

It was... better than I thought it'd be. This review is the one that I remembered, so I wasn't expecting to be swept off my feet.

I don't want to sound down on it, as it was a perfectly nice film, but the main thing it left me with was regret for what it could have been. You can see it in glimpses (especially at the end), but overall it's just... less than it ought.

This trailer is a perfect illustration, because it's a trailer for the potential it had:

And under the cut, the Honest Trailer, which is... perfect. <333

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Mind you, we watched it with Impish Girl, who observed that Sebastian and Mia (the leads) reminded her of Darcy and me. (And not just because Seb is a jazz musician who spends a good part of the movie trying to explain to Mia why jazz matters...)

Note: I don't hate jazz. But Darcy recently took me to a jazz club and although I can admire the skill, it does absolutely nothing for me. I just sort of stopped listening, as it kinda rambles on and there's nothing to hook me. Apparently that means that I don't have a soul, but hey, I'm ok. ;)
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We (myself, Impish Girl & the Cherub) went to see it this afternoon and it was *wonderful* and we do not deserve a hero like Diana, but we are grateful that we have her anyway.

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And now I will go & sleep... SUCH a long week. zzzz
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So, Impish Girl read ALL the Harry Potter books (for the first time) over the past couple of weeks. I'm not what you'd call fannish, but I do have a favourite vid: Snakes on a Plane by [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny. Which I of course showed to Impish Girl, and she loved it.

Then she went looking for other vids, and the only one she liked was this one - and damn, but it might be better. Well... as the vidder says, Skyfall could have been written for Harry Potter, and the brilliant editing of the vid manages to capture the brilliance and epicness of the final battle (as well as all the other things going on in the story).

Vidder's notes:

Ok, so this is what I saw in my head since the moment I heard the song. I was like: 'It was inspired by HP or what??'... And when I found out its real purpose I didn't stop associating it with HP. So it took me many months to create this and to think it over and I fixed it a lot of times... And I really hope you enjoy the result. This is my vision and perception of the lyrics.

It's one of those vids where it felt like I wasn't breathing throughout... So I had to share. ♥
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Opinion: Girls Explain Star Wars To You

(I'm going to see The Force Awakens again tomorrow! Yay!)
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Went to see Star Wars today, and lo, it was good.

There might be a few thoughts at some point, but for now - it was good and I enjoyed it very much.
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Darcy and I watched '20000 Days on Earth' last night. And now I have this song on repeat:


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