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SO. Instead of dwelling on that, I bring you one of the single most delightful things in existence. The sort of thing you don't know you need until you come across it - the Fifth Doctor & companions to Last Friday Night. Enjoy:

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Partly just to prove that I am actually watching Classic Who and have Opinions...

As I have explained previusly, I am watching backwards, by Doctor. I find this a very good way of acclimatising myself to the slower pace (Seven's stories are paced quite similar to modern TV, and then it gets slower as you get further back), and it really helps to follow a TARDIS team and see how they grow & develop. Watching random 'good episodes' never managed to make me invested enough to watch more, but this has worked a treat! (Even the dull/annoying episodes are worth it when you care about the characters.)

I have now done Seven, Six and Five, and have just finished S12 (Four's first). And I luff them all very much. (I watched the movie years ago, and should probably watch it again, although I know that Eight is basically to be found in Big Finish...)

Anyway. Opinion time. :) With thanks to Promethia. (As always.)

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The Arc in Space was hella boring:

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1) Finally! Sombody admits it!
3 (23.1%)

2) It was just ok.
4 (30.8%)

3) It's overhyped but still good.
1 (7.7%)

4) You are wrong and I will tell you why in the comments.
1 (7.7%)

5) You are wrong and we are now mortal enemies.
2 (15.4%)

6) You have no idea how scary bubblewrap was for a six-year-old in 1975!
0 (0.0%)

7) I've never seen The Arc in Space.
1 (7.7%)

8) I don't know what's going on. I'm just here for the drama.
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9) Harry Sullivan is an imbecile.*
1 (7.7%)

*I know that line was from Revenge of the Cybermen, but it's too perfect not to use
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This made me laugh far too much:


Esp relevant as I have just watched Paradise Towers (very kindly loaned to me by [personal profile] thisbluespirit), and it was a most delightful tale FULL OF WOMEN. <3333


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