Got the wrong hot sauce

25 February 2019 11:49 pm
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Didn't notice.



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One concerning an actor who apparently faked his own hate crime, and the other concerning a member of the Coast Guard who was apparently planning a massive terrorist attack, explicitly because he's a huge bigot against minorities.

I'm a little perplexed by the proportion of coverage these two stories are getting in my news sources. Not perplexed. More like disturbed.

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21 February 2019 07:58 pm
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Today wasn't too bad. I wasn't as productive as I had hoped, but I'm feeling pretty brain dead right now. But here: Ask A Manager asked readers to tell their office "reply-all" horror stories, and it's AMAZING.

In this case, the comments are well worth reading.

book cover meme - day 2

21 February 2019 08:43 pm
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Post 7 book covers over the next 7 days; no descriptions or reviews - just the covers!



21 February 2019 11:17 pm
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Celebrating my birthday by trying to actually write about (or even mention) some of the theatre I see.

29 is a weird birthday - I keep thinking of ways to celebrate 30! - but it’s been a nice day. And on Monday I did fun stuff, and on Saturday I’m having a joint party with a BFF whose birthday is tomorrow. Yay :D

So yeah, Waitress just arrived in London and I got preview tickets for a great rate from a colleague who gets group rates, so I went last week, with @januarium and @mokatiki. I hadn’t even known it was a film, I knew nothing about it besides that the soundtrack in particular had got rave reviews.

The songs are indeed great! YAY. Sara Bareilles is very hit-or-miss for me as a singer-songwriter, although I really love the songs I like, and I’m really glad these worked for me.

The musical itself was fun, despite some messy bits. Things I liked & things I didn’t )

So I can see it going either way for people, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Tell me what you think

21 February 2019 12:23 pm
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1) I have a question that I've decided to turn into a poll.

Poll #21424 Author's Notes?
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

Do you read Author's Notes?

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18 (60.0%)

Some but not in every chapter
3 (10.0%)

For some stories but not others
4 (13.3%)

On occasion
1 (3.3%)

4 (13.3%)

Do you read a Vidder's Notes?

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14 (51.9%)

For some vids but not others
7 (25.9%)

On occasion
4 (14.8%)

2 (7.4%)

Do you read an Artist's Notes?

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15 (51.7%)

For some works but not others
7 (24.1%)

On occasion
2 (6.9%)

5 (17.2%)

Do you read a Podficcer's Notes?

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9 (42.9%)

For some works but not others
2 (9.5%)

On occasion
3 (14.3%)

7 (33.3%)

If you do read Notes for any of the above, how come?

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I find them fun
16 (57.1%)

I like getting to know the creator
19 (67.9%)

I find them informative
26 (92.9%)

I learn how to do my own work by reading what others say
5 (17.9%)

It increases my sense of community
9 (32.1%)

Something else I'll mention in comments
1 (3.6%)

If you don't read Notes for some or any of the above, how come?

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I don't have time
4 (28.6%)

I don't find them interesting
7 (50.0%)

I find them distracting
4 (28.6%)

I find them annoying
3 (21.4%)

I don't want to know more about the creator
1 (7.1%)

Something else I'll mention in comments
3 (21.4%)

2) I ran across this presentation on fanfic reading and wanted to share the following graphic for discussion: Read more... )

3) On Wait Wait Don't Tell Me a panelist joked that a better defense than a wall would be to send all the country's unvaccinated kids to the border. "We already have the cages, too." (Yes, we've had a measles outbreak locally.)

4) Does anyone reading this use Reddit? What fandom related groups would you recommend?

5) I was a Monkees fan many years ago (went to cons, the whole deal) so it was sad (though not unexpected) news that Peter Tork died. Here was my favorite song of theirs from their last album together, released in 2018: Read more... )

Poll #21425 Kudos Footer-22
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Want to leave a Kudos?

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FIC: Doctor Who & The Thick of It

21 February 2019 08:10 pm
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For Chocolate Box this year, I got a chance to write a whole new fandom (or two):

1 Out of 8 Ministers (804 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: The Thick of It (TV), QI (TV) RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nicola Murray/Malcolm Tucker
Summary: Nicola ends up as a guest panelist on QI. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

(this is the first time ever I had to think seriously which rating to choose because I wasn't sure how many fucks do you need to upgrade the rating from Teen to Mature)

Also, I finally had the permission to post online the tsory that I wrote for the Hydrid zine last year:

Same Old, Same Old (1516 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Post-Episode: s09e02 The Witch's Familiar, Season/Series 09
Summary: A bit of shameless h/c set right after "Witch's Familiar" ends.

Rec [Fic]: Craptastic Beasts by kattahj

21 February 2019 05:33 pm
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Title: Craptastic Beasts
Creator: [ profile] kattahj
Rating: Teen
Word Count/Length/Size: 1502 words
Creator's Summary: As a student at Coal Hill, there's a lot you've got to deal with. Studying for exams, killing aliens, going on dates, dealing with trauma... sometimes all of it on the same day.
Characters/Pairings: April Maclean/Ram Singh
Warnings/Notes: Tagged for PTSD.

Reasons for reccing: A really excellent look at April and Ram, mid-season of Class, written for this year's Yuletide. It's sharply characterised, and both painful and funny, just as the show was. And there's just always something dangerous lurking about Coal Hill, isn't there?


Seasonal Challenge Reminder

21 February 2019 05:28 pm
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Don't forget that the current seasonal challenge ends on March 6th! Still plenty of time to get your recs in!

Meanwhile, February's monthly theme of "Spin-offs" is also nearly over.

*looks guiltily at own progress*

Happy birthday, Nina Simone

21 February 2019 09:38 am
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She would have been 86.

Trouble, one of my favorite WFMU DJs, is today paying tribute to her. At this moment, I'm listening to Nina cover Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl". I have a phone heavy to-do list. It's on hold while I listen to the entire set because she was and is and will always be fucking amazing.

Click here for the playlist and the stream

Today, I will *finally* watch What Happened, Miss Simone?, the documentary - currently on Netflix - that my partner has been telling me to watch for...three years? At least two.

Chocolate Box Fic 2019

21 February 2019 01:26 pm
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Chocolate Box author reveals have happened and I can now confess to my own fannish crimes (and know who was responsible for my lovely gifts, especially the main assignment - I don't think I've ever been quite so impatient to see who wrote my gift, which is [personal profile] cyphomandra, as it turns out. Do you suppose they'd mind if I camped outside their door and waited for them to Do It Again someday? Heh.)

It was good fun, and I'd like to do it again, although the closeness to Yuletide and fandom_stocking is a bit of a thing. OTOH, it genuinely is pretty laid back with a 300 word minimum, so... Still, I'm very glad I did it this time!

I was assigned to shopfront, who had requested three fandoms that I knew, although only one that I'd actually offered for that fandom/pairing. Ironically, then, I wrote a gift and a treat for those two other pairings and fell down on the matched one. Mainly because shopfront had requested Thirteen/Yaz and prompted Thirteen trying to manage some normal dates and I was immediately bunnied, because we all know how that would go. I did eventually, at the 11th hour, also manage to write out the tiny Bel/Lix ficlet (from The Hour) that I'd had planned for ages, because, well, Anna Chancellor and Romola Garai, really.)

Anyway, fic:

We'll Be Dating To the End of Time (1934 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan
Characters: Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan
Additional Tags: Humor, human-alien relations, Time Travel, Dating, The Doctor is hopeless at romance
Summary: The Doctor tries taking Yaz on some nice, calm, normal dates. It goes about exactly as well as you'd imagine.

Immoral Support (420 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Hour (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bel Rowley/Lix Storm
Characters: Bel Rowley, Lix Storm
Additional Tags: Ficlet
Summary: Bel winds up where she always does after a bad day; in the safest place she knows...

(And, yes, the title and the line is a Press Gang reference. It's hard not to sometimes.)

And shopfront leaves very enthusiastic comments so between two treats, an amazing main gift and a very nice recip, that was a pretty good exchange experience.

(Also, I'd just been thinking that I missed [personal profile] clocketpatch and their fic, and then saw the name as a recip in the Doctor Who category, and then next fic I read in that section was clearly a Clocket Seven & Ace fic, and I was right. Anyway, it's Clocket Seven & Ace Whofic, you should read it if you haven't already.)

Chocolate Box author reveals

21 February 2019 12:36 pm
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I finally broke my Doctor Who fic dry spell and wrote this. Which will probably surprise nobody.

Educational Visit (2057 words) by El Staplador
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Thirteenth Doctor/River Song
Characters: Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan, Graham O'Brien, River Song
Additional Tags: School Trip, Handwavium, Sonic Screwdriver, Reference to Vomit, Alien Planet, date, Timey-Wimey

A message encoded in the blinking of a pulsar can come from only person that the Doctor knows... but why is she summoning her to the visitor centre at Drewett's Nebula Falls?

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[ profile] 20muses started up again to run a new challenge, and a lot of old icon makers came back to do it, and I jumped in too because omg inspiration post so pretty. Went with two fandoms, and tried my very best to not be my lazy, basic self :p Really helpful to shake some more of those cobwebs off, textures are slightly starting to make sense again, and playing with curves has been a lot of fun.

Not having any caps from Killing Eve, my brilliant plan revolved around "oh I'll just dip in, scrub through to scenes I want, and get some images". Obviously I fell into a full rewatch, which I aparantly thought was avoidable? IDK. (you're all laughing at me right now, and I deserve it)

But as a result, I only have icons from the first three episodes whups. And the only Disco eps I had were s2, so equally limited there *cries about Mirror!verse aesthetics* But I did finish the challenge yay! Making more than double the icons before I was somewhat happy but hey, more icons :DDD

01-20 star trek discovery & killing eve
21-37 disco
38-51 killing eve
52-53 elseworlds event
54-64 hellblade senua's sacrifice
65-65 horizon zero dawn
67-72 comics


It's such a thrill to be in full fannish gear again, and with two current shows at that! Funny thing, I actually posted another batch of icons, oh, about a week ago? And I've had the post open in my tab here since, because I had ~things~ I wanted to write about Disco 2x04 - ESPECIALLY SARU THINGS OMG SARUUUU - and predictably, that completely stalled ahaha.

So, belatedly, some Voyager icons of our most beloved Captain!


book cover meme, day 1

20 February 2019 11:30 pm
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There's a "post 7 book covers over 7 days" meme going around right now and you KNOW this librarian is going to get in on that action!

The whole deal is to just post the cover with no additional information...

but if you *ask* me about the book and why I picked it in the comments, I can't NOT not answer, right? (is that a triple negative? What does that even mean? I'm trying to be grammatically sneaky but instead I'm just concerned that I've negated my negative negative...)



Reading Meme

20 February 2019 09:47 pm
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1. Politics?

Me: I won't vote for anyone over the age of 65.
GT: I'll extend that I won't vote for anyone over the age of 30, including me.

Hmmm...Maybe no one over the age of 45.

Enuf said. If I say more on this won't end well.

2. Reading Meme...

Just finished Un-Canny X-men #12 - 2018-2019 by Matthew Rosenberg and Salvadore Larroca...and they are kicking this out of the park. I'm loving this series. The art, the writing, the story, everything.
spoilers )
I can't wait for the next issue, which will drop in another two weeks. They come out every two weeks.

And I've renewed my long expired library card and discovered the pleasures of borrowing electronic books from the library. If I don't like it, I can return it without the guilt. YAY! Also it takes up no space. Plus so much cheaper.

Since I'm buying comics again -- they aren't really available at the library, although comixcology unlimited does provide free ones to borrow here and there.
I need to reduce costs somewhere.

Latest? Laura Kinsale's The Hidden Heart -- which isn't nearly as good as the sequel Shadow and the Heart which I bought and just finished. (I borrowed The Hidden Heart from the Library. It has a very small selection of Kinsale novels, however. I wonder if I can donate electronic books to the library? Probably not.)

Shadow and the Heart -- Read more... )

3. Preferred Tropes in Stories

by no means all inclusive list )

Happy Birthday!

20 February 2019 07:28 pm
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Happy birthday to [personal profile] 1_rhiannon_1! I hope you have a wonderful day and wish you an even better year to come!


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