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Finally got to Revelations & Lover's Walk.

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Which I keep forgetting to mention. But then there has been such a gap between writing and publishing...

In short, I contributed a piece for this:

OUTSIDE IN TAKES A STAB: 139 New Perspectives on 139 Buffy Stories by 139 Writers

Celebrating over 25 years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, OUTSIDE IN TAKES A STAB is a collection of 139 reviews, one for every story of the television series, plus the movie and a couple extras. Well, we say “reviews”, but we mean that loosely: within these pages, you’ll find mix tapes, mazes, recipes, speeches, games, songs, crosswords, plays, policy documents, D&D manuals, documentaries, term papers and a Turing machine. Not to mention insightful and thoughtful articles, examining the world of Sunnydale from just about every aspect imaginable… and then some!

I wrote a Dating Guide to Sunnydale (for First Date), as written by Andrew. Am very much looking forward to seeing all the different contributions. :)
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About halfway through S2 now, keep meaning to write something...

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Never mentioned it (not keen on Joss these days), but this is an excellent article:

How a Black ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Can Change TV’s Villainization of Black Women

And since I'm on the topic, one of the most incredibly useful Twitter threads I have ever come across:

Black Hair for Non-Black Artists: a Cheat Sheet Thread.
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So I have been on holiday (one of the reasons for not posting much), so I merely bring you a random observation, since whilst away Darcy thought it might be nice to try a new show. It was a French show called 'The Very Secret Service' and was on Netflix.

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In other news, I have enticed my two youngest to watch Buffy. We have watched 4 episodes so far and they like it very much. :)

ETA: Buffy's immortal line 'If the apocalypse comes, beep me!' is from Never Kill a Boy on the First Date. I pointed out how famous this line was.

Impish Girl: Beep me? What does that mean?
Me: She has a pager.
Impish Girl: What's a pager?

Lesson 1 in HOW TO FEEL OLD.
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EW: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion: Exclusive Photos
Lots of gorgeous pictures. And v. helpful for anyone wanting to do banner or anything else with the characters having aged. :)

Vox: 70 days in, Donald Trump’s presidency is flailing
Trump’s campaign rewarded him for breaking the rules. His presidency has punished him for it.
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Excellent Buffy article here:

How Season 6 of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ destroyed the show — and built something better.

ETA: Meant to add this earlier, but I was on my tablet which is... fiddly. But the article struck me in much the same way that this quote does (which I'm sure you recognise from my sidebar):

"Season six [of Buffy] remains the highlight. You won't find a more skilled extended exploration of existential turmoil on the big or small screen. And I'm not talking "woe is me" teenage angst, but a genuine search for what it means to be human. It's Bergman for the masses."
Tim Porter, Paste Magazine

The article also contained a link to ‘Fleabag,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ & the trainwreck heroine: Defined not by problems, but solutions, which made me realise how similar (in many ways) Buffy S6 and Fleabag are... Barely holding it together, but pretending nonetheless, even as they're melting down and engaging in horribly self-destructive behaviour and treating decent people abysmally. Hmmmm.
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So, [personal profile] the_royal_anna wrote about Buffy's birthday.

It's a beautiful tribute (as you would expect) and you should go read it. <3
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First of all, then a vid which isn't online anymore:

Memories by Sadique. (Her website is gone, so I uploaded it myself.) It is Buffy's speech in 'Prophecy Girl' set to the theme from The Gift and uses images from all seven seasons. Utterly, utterly gorgeous - this is my Buffy, both show and girl.

(NOTE: It's in .rm format, which you can convert here to a format that is better for you, if you don't have a Real Media player.)

Also SMG's post on Instagram

And then this article:

10 Famous Writers on Loving Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(It saves the best for last...)
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(Via Sueworld)

I wish I could think of what to say, and there are endless articles extolling Buffy's virtues (which are all good, but none quite reflect ME). I guess above all she gave me fandom, fic, meta, all you lot... ♥

ETA: Oh, and if anyone's curious, here is My Buffy History. :)
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VIa [livejournal.com profile] sueworld2003:

If “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Were Set In Britain.


44. Xander would have left school at 16 and done a carpentry apprenticeship.

45. He’d have his own white van.

46. And would go on at least one lads holiday to Magaluf.

(Agree with everything, pretty much, except #31, as no way would Willow have grown up on a council estate.)
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That Welcome to the Hellmouth aired.

Via [livejournal.com profile] gillo, from The Metro:

18 reasons Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the best show on TV. ♥

It's safe to say that without Buffy, I wouldn't be here. Wouldn't know all you wonderful people. Wouldn't have discovered fandom and meta and fic and all the wonders and joys that have lit up my life since 2004.

Thank you Buffy.
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My recent stuff. Not much, but it's multifandom! *g*

The Name of the Doctor meta: (it's not a ghost story, it's a love story).


Divided Destiny (chapter 1). Continuation of my 'Maybe Someday' verse, but should stand on its own. Basic premise: Spike, Angel and Illyria go on an epic quest to undo the power of W&H.

And just to stay with the Buffy theme, via my flist a 10th anniversary vid that serves to perfectly remind us why we love this how:


26 May 2012 11:20 am
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Made this little graphic for Mark Watches, and thought I might as well post it here too, because the juxtaposition is rather beautiful. (Apologies for aspect ratio fail, this is not my fault, and I couldn't be bothered to work out a way to fix it.)

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26 May 2012 11:20 am
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Made this little graphic for Mark Watches, and thought I might as well post it here too, because the juxtaposition is rather beautiful. (Apologies for aspect ratio fail, this is not my fault, and I couldn't be bothered to work out a way to fix it.)

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My prediction.

Mark's post on FFL.


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