19 March 2017

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Excellent Buffy article here:

How Season 6 of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ destroyed the show — and built something better.

ETA: Meant to add this earlier, but I was on my tablet which is... fiddly. But the article struck me in much the same way that this quote does (which I'm sure you recognise from my sidebar):

"Season six [of Buffy] remains the highlight. You won't find a more skilled extended exploration of existential turmoil on the big or small screen. And I'm not talking "woe is me" teenage angst, but a genuine search for what it means to be human. It's Bergman for the masses."
Tim Porter, Paste Magazine

The article also contained a link to ‘Fleabag,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ & the trainwreck heroine: Defined not by problems, but solutions, which made me realise how similar (in many ways) Buffy S6 and Fleabag are... Barely holding it together, but pretending nonetheless, even as they're melting down and engaging in horribly self-destructive behaviour and treating decent people abysmally. Hmmmm.


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