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Vox: Watch: Nike’s powerful Colin Kaepernick commercial
(It's a hell of a commercial, yes.)

Came across Button - Best for Britain.
I have done zero research, apologies.

NLBMC - Newfoundland & Labrador Beard & Moustache Club
This cannot be described. Please go have a look.

Basically an ode to stupid ginger cats

Why We Fight
Angel vid

Doctor Who: Another Planet (with Who) Series Trailer
Neat fanmade trailer

A Beginner’s Guide to the “Fuck Bernie” Meme and Why It Still Matters
(If you wonder why some people dislike Bernie, this is a good primer.)
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This Woman’s Viral Thread Notes A Never-Discussed Symptom Of Depression And Absolutely Everyone Needs To Read This

X&Y - podcast on biological sex
A lot of us understand biological sex with a pretty fateful underpinning: if you’re born with XX chromosomes, you’re female; if you’re born with XY chromosomes, you’re male. But it turns out, our relationship to the opposite sex is more complicated than we think.

Sun, Moon, Dust
by Ursula Vernon
(Unusual fantasy short story)

ETA: Two extra things... just because.


THE Old Spice advert

which most of you probably know and love, but in case someone hasn't seen it before... Enjoy!

And then facebook brought me this, which...

The Politest mugging ever (v short stand up bit)


26 July 2018 09:21 pm
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There is a new place called Pillowfort, and you can try it out with a demo account.

No words

1 July 2018 08:18 pm
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So we went to see Black Panther, and since we got there early were subjected to ALLLLL the adverts/trailers. Quite a lot of them, however, were surprisingly good.

Top of the list, this rendition of Favourite Things (trust me, it's worth a listen even if you hate The Sound of Music):

And just for the delightful surprise, this advert which I hadn't come across before:

More importantly, this ad about mental health.

And this one about perseverance:

And finally an older one, but one that will also probably make you cry. Not for a bank or a phone, but for Barnardo's, the UK's largest children's charity:

There were trailers also, let me see what I can remember... A Wrinkle in Time (never read the book, probably should), Pacific Rim Uprising (I didn't have a clue what it was, it looked a bit Transformers), Peter Rabbit (apologies to any fans but it looks awful), Love, Simon (have heard of this and the book it's based on), and probably more. Something about a girl who was allergic to sunlight.
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And another snow day.


In other news, I have been watching S2 of Dirk Gently, and love it to absolute distraction. S1 was great, but S2 had that magical SOMETHING* that happens so very occasionally and I have already done a re-watch. There will be a post at some point.

*stories, magic, meta

And yesterday I came across this hilarious Dumbledore thread.

And now to do some writing! Spike & Angel, here I come. ♥

Also had a sudden attack of nostalgia yesterday and dug out my The Rasmus CD. Even better than I remembered. Here's In The Shadows...

(I think [profile] awmp made a Spike vid to it back in the day? And I know [personal profile] sdwolfpup made a Dru vidlet to "Not Like the Other Girls".
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(If reading this on DW, click the link for the picture. Also VERY safe for work.)


21 May 2017 06:59 pm
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Why Mummy Drinks: Daddy the Gadget Twat decrees a programme of re-education is in order for Mummy.

(Yes I know where the internet it, but we too have a ridiculous amount of remotes...)
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So, I have lots of political links & stuff waiting to be posted, but right now I am going with something that's pure fluff:

26 British Food Quirks That Brits Don’t Realise Are Weird

My question is - are they really that weird? As in, are you unaware that British people eat this? Or do you find it odd that anyone would?

Like, chip butties. I had never come across this concept before moving here, but zomg they're wonderful!

(Basically a white bread sandwich/bread bun with chips. English chips, not french fries.)

So if there's anything that actually strikes you as odd and unknown (like, I presume everyone knows that British people love beans on toast), you are more than welcome to tell me so! :)

Also, I get to use the mood for 'curious' which is rare!


5 January 2017 07:26 pm
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News Thump: Nigel Farage biopic casts horrible little slug that won’t fuck off in lead role

I'd watch it.


And then a youtube mix played this song, and I had to stop what I was doing and check out what I was actually listening to. Best cover I have ever heard of Sound of Silence:


And we're thinking of checking out a new sketch show, called Revolting (BBC2). This is the first sketch I came across. And here's another. I can cope with satire with bite. >:)
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14 Christmas Struggles That Are All Too Real For Expats In The UK
Turns out the British REALLY love Christmas.
These are amusing and very true. :)

We Visited A Syrian Refugee Family As They Prepared For Christmas In The UK
After fleeing from death threats in Syria, one Kurdish family tell BuzzFeed News about settling into a new home, their traditions and hopes for the future.

It may have seemed like the world fell apart in 2016. Steven Pinker is here to tell you it didn’t.
“The world continues to improve in just about every way.”

The most important part of 'Rogue One' was an unexpected and subtle one.
(Representation matters <3)
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So, before I go off to the Cherub's sports day, a few nice things to make you smile:

- Undoubtedly the single best thing to happen on 23rd of June: Pearl's first day on location

(It may be that her radiant smile will be one of the only things pulling us through the dark times ahead.)

- Pope: Gays and Others Marginalized Deserve an Apology

- US military 'to lift transgender ban'

- Schoolboys allowed to wear skirts under new 'gender neutral' uniform rules (Move is part of a drive for schools to be more open to children questioning their gender identity)

- Celebrating a year of marriage equality: “Joy” – June 26, 2015 (PHOTOS) (This is a repost of piece Anne posted a year ago. ♥)
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I know I've not been around much... Well, I've been reading my flist, but not really posting. Mostly I'm blaming January being January. I just want hibernate. Also I know I should be working on my 'Last Christmas' meta, except my brain has shut down completely and isn't co-operating. (I rewatched it, and it's a beautiful, wonderful, episode, I just can't get my head booted into whatever gear it needs to be in.)

Instead I'm working on something that's pretty much original fic - it's attached to my Alex 'verse by a thread, but you would not need to know anything about it (or even Doctor Who) to read it. It's about a boy called George and is basically a coming-out story. Still very much a WIP, but might try to start posting when I've pulled things together a little more.

In other news my parents are arriving this evening, so I have spent ALL DAY tidying/cleaning, and it's paying off nicely. But I shall be even more scarce next week.

[livejournal.com profile] kerkevik_2014 pointed me towards this vidder ([livejournal.com profile] maidavids on LJ). Have only checked out a couple of vids so far, but they look very nice.

Am also feeling a bit... morose? Melancholy? The Dish is closing down. I first found it in 2008, in the run-up to Obama's election, and it's been my go-to place for US politics/general news/thoughts on everything and anything. It'll leave a huge gap in my online life.

OK, must go continue cleaning, even though I'm sure there was something else I was going to say. Oh yes, meme (via my flist):

Ask me a question about one of my fics. It can be absolutely anything in any project and I will answer it the best I can -- even on current progress/plans.

If you'd prefer, you can also ask about my writing for a particular fandom, my writing as a whole, etc.

Not sure when I'd get time to reply, but will certainly do my best! :)
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Try to spend a few minutes writing fic, and instead end up trying to work out which whiskey your OC Time Lord prefers in his different regenerations.

1st - Bunnahabhain
The Bunnahabhain is one of the milder single malt Islay whiskies available and its taste varies greatly from other spirits to be found on the island of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland.

2nd - AnCnoc
anCnoc is a single malt Scotch whisky with a mind of its own. Even the name (pronounced ‘a-nock’), defies convention as it’s Gaelic for the nearby Knock Hill (this is unusual, as most whiskies are named after the Distillery).

3rd - Lagavulin
The connoisseurs choice when it comes to Islay whisky, with the Lagavulin 16 hailed as one of the finest whiskies available. Rich, smoky and elegant.

4th - Laphroaig
One of the most divisive Scotch whiskies, loved by those who enjoy its medicinal, smoky flavour and looked on in amazement by those who don't, it remains one of the most popular.

(And no, I have not yet written any 4th Seeker. But I have plans.)
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I say things like 'Shall we google 'Cats that look like Hitler' again?"

It was the 'again' that did it. Although to be fair, what I HAD googled was 'Graham Norton kitty phone' (because Darcy didn't remember it, and he was talking about how cats would make good phones), and this was one of the results:

(It's Graham Norton, I'm presuming you all know that this means it's NSFW.)


21 October 2013 05:57 pm
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Tomorrow is my birthday, and I've decided to celebrate in Hobbit fashion - that is, I'll post stuff for you guys! Esp since I have so many things sitting in folders that I've never managed to finish off properly. So there'll be a good bit of fic (and other stuff) coming tomorrow. I hope you enjoy! :)

(I have taken today and tomorrow off work. I feel so decadent I can't even. Am now off to in-laws for early birthday party!)
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I really shouldn't post fic at the weekend. No one's around. Or maybe no one's reading me anymore...

Well, on the offchance anyone's still interested, I posted:

Chapter 3 of Divided Destiny. (Post-NFA epic quest thing.)

And on Friday I posted Chapter 24 (Interlude featuring the End of the World) of Dating. (DW AU with tons of OCs.)


Also came across this earlier, and am still trying to wrap my head around it: Cute dictator. I think my brain broke.


In other news, then the way to regain faith in humanity is to attend a (primary) school talent show. The Cherub was in the final, so we had to go, and omg it was amazing. The Cherub herself did rather well - she'd chosen Elton John's 'Your Song' (all on her own) and refused to let us help her practice, but she knew most of it, and has a really good voice. :) There were other singers (the very first act was a tiny little black girl - 5 years old probably - in a pink Darth Vader T-shirt who was not in the least shy. Although she jumped when the music started. ♥) There were other singers (I especially remember a girl in a princess outfit, with a sword, who sang a very long song about MARCHING), and dancers (including a little Indian boy doing a brilliant Bollywood routine), a girl doing baton twirling (she also had a proper routine, and was very good), and a girl playing the keyboard. But best of all were four girls playing violin. Because they were terrible. Every cliché you can think of, they ticked the boxes. They seemed to be playing four different tunes. All of which were out of tune. It made my evening, and possibly my week.


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