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Now: The Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU petition has just passed 5 million.

Yesterday: The Guardian: Put it to the People march: a formidable sea of humanity and powerful strength of feeling
They came to London from across Britain and Europe, filled with enthusiasm for the new three Rs: revoke, remain, reform

Last week: Christchurch shootings: The people killed as they prayed
In order to remember the victims, not the killer.
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I've been trying to think of something to say about the Christchurch killings, but not been able to. However, this thread was in my mind yesterday as we went to church (go to Twitter and read the whole thing):

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Trust me.

I've been humming it all day. (Any attempt at description will fall short, so just watch. It's only 4 minutes.)
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Info here: Iceland's Christmas TV advert banned for being too political .

Looks like it's going viral instead... And I figured I could do my tiny bit. (As far as I remember I have never set foot in an Iceland store, but this is a good initiative.)
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Whether or not you watched tonight's ep of Doctor Who, you should check out the Horrible Histories song about Rosa Parks:

Rosa Parks Equality Song

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Last time he was here, we got Brexit.

This time. Well.

But surely you can see the pattern?

ETA: Sad that it’s not coming home and that a lying, misogynist, racist President is coming instead? Here’s a list of the sort of organisations he hates that you can donate to as another form of protest:


And you can also help the NHS by buying their song and helping them to #1 (multiple links if you go to Twitter):


On a more serious note, you may have seen this statistic:

BBC: Domestic Abuse Rates increase by 38% when England lose

Information and Support: Domestic abuse
Many links, I am sure most would appreciate a donation.
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They included a handy link so you can email your MP to ask them to speak up:


Oh and speaking up can help. Here's another thread which... Well, go read it (and he did a lot more than just speak up):

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But this is beautiful:

It Was All a Dream
by Raheem Sterling

So can I trust you? Can I tell you my story, and will you really listen? If you read certain papers, maybe you already think you know me. Maybe you think you know my story, and what I care about. But do you really?

Read it. Trust me.
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Also it's Impish Girl's 17th birthday. There may be photos at some point...
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Watching Beirut die
We went to Beirut to film a TV show about the city’s newly vibrant culinary and cultural scene. Then the bombs started falling, and we could only stand on the barricades of our hotel balcony and watch it all disappear — again.
Anthony Bourdain

Came across a link to this on Twitter.
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ETA: Follow link to twitter to read whole story. Also, that is not me. MY cat has a horrible infection on his cheek and had to be taken to the vet this morning. He is quite disgusting and also very petulant because we won't let him out.


28 May 2018 06:11 pm
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I have probably mentioned Penelope Trunk before - she writes about career advice (and has done several start-ups) and homeschooling (not from a religious/Evanglical perspective, she's Jewish). The advice itself is not at all applicable to me or my life, and I don't always agree with her, but she writes extremely well and engagingly and generally with brutal honestly. But these two posts I really wanted to share:

My 12-year-old son just told me he’s gay. How can I help him?

Dear Princeton University, I love you

(The second one ties in with the first, despite the title.)
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If you're not watching, you're missing out! At the very least check out the sermon. But oh, the music...

ETA: Sermon in full:

'The Right Rev. Michael Curry gave an impassioned homily, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., invoking the power of love and its symbol as the fire that energizes life.' Or as Twitter put it:

And here is the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason (I'll try to find a better video, right now there are only two):


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