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First of all - I hope my previous post didn't create the impression that I didn't like the film! It was just a bit like sitting through a whole season of TV, crammed into 2 1/2 hours... No space to breathe.

Way back when the trailers came out I wrote a post. My short take is... that's essentially correct, and that shot of Tony is by far the most affecting in the whole film. ♥

Slightly longer take:


- First of all, kudos to the film makers, 'cause the story was easy to follow, even with the ridiculously large cast, which was nice for someone like me who's only seen about half the movies in the franchise so far (f.ex. I've not watched Civil War or Ragnarok).

- Thanos' plan... *hands* Well, it was the same theory as the baddies in Kingsman, although at least that film had the decency to show how all the rich people were orchestrating it and protecting themselves. The idea that killing half the people will AUTOMATICALLY create a better world, without doing a single thing to tackle issues like structural inequality is... I don't have words. I can overlook the inherent silliness of magic stones, since y'know, it's all about superheroes and based on comic books, but Thanos' motivation/hypothesis is difficult to see beyond. (Of course Endgame might show the folly of the whole thing, and I hope so.) ETA: I think the main issue is that our current problems are the destruction of the environment, rising inequality and the re-emergence of fascism. (Plus, y'know, the war in Yemen, the persecution of minorities etc etc) This felt like pure fantasy, without any metaphors as such.

ETA2: Important clarification via [personal profile] jerusha: I think the important thing to remember about Thanos is that he likes killing people. I'm pretty sure he's an unreliable narrator in what his motivations are. I mean, he basically worships death in the comics. Literally, he kills half the universe to prove his love for Death (the personification).
That makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE. Thank you comics.

- As a comparison [on how to do it right] please see Watchmen. Ozymandias >>>>>>>>>> Thanos


So, the 13 y.o. and I were in perfect agreement as to who our favourites were!

- Tony Stark (always)

- Spiderman. I had not seen this new one before and MY GOODNESS BUT HE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER! ♥ Also his relationship with Tony is beyond adorable and the whole film could have been those two and I'd have been happy. Tony's little knighting gestures - 'You're an Avenger now' - and generally their whole vibe was MILES AND MILES above ANY other relationship in the whole film. (The romantic relationships included.) It was the only genuinely sad death - I knew that screenshot would turn out to be heart breaking. (We shall now have to watch Homecoming, as well as the animated one, which I wanted to watch anyway.)

- Bruce Banner. He is just such a dear and I want to hug him. (He didn't do much at all, except try to get the Hulk to come out, and failing, but every time he was on screen I was just happy.)

- Thor. Pairing him up with 'the rabbit' & Groot was an INSPIRED choice. Plus his part of the plot (creating a new Hammer etc) was great, as was the moment when he turned up in the middle of the battle. A+, Norse god FTW!

Other characters

- Loki. I think I had an inkling that he might bite the dust (people were VERY UPSET), but didn't realise it'd be so soon. I like Loki, and he's always very entertaining, so thought that it was a bit of a waste, but sort of forgot about him, and he was a great way to fuel Thor's vengeance. (Compare & contrast with the moment when Thanos ran Tony through. Tony is the only one I can't lose; which probably means that he'll bite in the next one.)

- Dr Strange. Hadn't seen his film, but his powers are very nifty.

- The Cap. I literally didn't recognise him. The beard made me think of bearded Action Man and Hank Scorpio from the Simpsons. It's not a bad look, I was just thrown.

Oh goodness, there were so many. IDK. I'm glad Okoye survived. But the ending was basically this:

I was literally hearing that tune in my head. (OK, so only HALF the people are dead, but.)

I might come back & add more to this, but for now my mind is blank. Or actually, just talk to me. :)

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