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Found this via my flist (thank you [personal profile] yourlibrarian!). And it's just making me so very happy:

Vid: The Greatest

Summary: "Don't give up." A celebration of some badass characters of color in recent science fiction, fantasy and horror TV and movies. Made for resolute as part of the Fandom Trumps Hate 2017-2018 charity auction.

More info at AO3 (including a list of fandoms & spoilers).

The editing is exquisite and the only thing I can really compare it to 'We Didn't Start the Fire'. Which was of course about fannish history, whereas this is celebrating POCs. And how. If I had to think of one word to describe this, it'd be 'joyous'. ♥

Know Hope.


5 August 2017 07:44 pm
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Tumblr Man
A Parody of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel
Written and Performed by Codot
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Now, in case you're scratching your head, that's because it's a very local one... See under cut for poster etc.

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Post by Phil Sandifer here.

And GRR Martin is weighing in too, indepth:


Me and the Hugos


Blogging for Rockets

ETA (and moar):

Where's the Beef?


What Now?
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Via [livejournal.com profile] gillo (here) this simply made my day. RTD and Moffat are honestly the bestest/most geekiest/fannish showrunners ever. And this proves it. ♥

It all started in DWM 482 when a fan wrote in to ask whether the Doctor was a bigamist, since he was obviously married back on Gallifrey, but has since married Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe and River Song. And since it's a show about time-travel, he could easily travel back to when any/all of them were still alive... For the full reply (which is worth reading!!!) go here, but for now the important thing is that in his response Moffat claimed that the Doctor's marriage to Liz I could have been annulled as it was never consummated. RTD took issue with this:

"I love your list in DWM 482 of the Doctor’s many wives. Did you ever think we’d be having that conversation, 10 years ago? But… what’s this? His marriage to Queen Elizabeth the First was unconsummated? But, but, but… in The End of Time Part One, the Tenth Doctor arrives on the Ood-Sphere to greet his old friend Ood Sigma with the words, “Got married. That was a mistake. Good Queen Bess. And let me tell you, her nickname is no longer… ahem.” So, what does that mean, boss? What can it possibly mean?? Steve, what does it MEAN??? Thank you."

Moffat's reply )

I can't even. ALL HAIL THE MOFF! (And dear old Rusty.) ♥ ♥ ♥

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No. Nonononononono NO

Please, tell me that the Doctor and the Master don’t suddenly have some romantic relationship now that one of them is a female??

Browsing the tags indicates that there is and I’m almost too scared to look…


I just don't even know where to START.
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After YEARS of having Moffat be accused of misogyny, he is now being accused of sucking up to the feminazis.

Link(s) under cut, as there are SPOILERS for Dark Water.

16 sexually confusing feelings that Doctor Who fans have had since The Mistress revealed her secret

The commentary is genius.

Also Phil Sandifer tackles it in this post: Us vs Gallifreybase vs Th3m

Should probably point out that apparently Gallifrey Base had a poll asking people whether they agree with a female Master, and 70% said yes. (I'm not a member, nor have ever wanted to be, so I'm going by what people tell me. But that's an encouraging number!)

And since I'm throwing links out there anyway, two delightful interviews with two fantastically talented ladies:

Interview with Michelle Gomez

Interview with Rachel Talalay

Disabling comments as I have very little time and am trying to write meta...

Am also happy because I received a late birthday present today: Shada, by Douglas Adams. :)
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I'm not good at this, but I figure it can double as a 'If you ever had any questions, go on and ask' posts.

So hello new people! (Also hello new people that just have added me quietly at some point. And hello lurkers! And hello old friends!)

I'm 37, happily married to an independent film maker, Darcy, (this is a new career path for him, but what he's always wanted to do - he finished an MA in film production last year, so he actually knows what he's doing!), and we have three daughters. Miss M (15), Impish Girl (12) and The Cherub (8). All good fangirls. (When we went to see Day of the Doctor in the cinema, Impish Girl and the Cherub cos-played as Eleven and little Amelia, complete with fez & little suitcase. ♥ Darcy is partially named so in my LJ for thinking all the fannish stuff is strange and peculiar - rather like the original Darcy viewed the Bennet family.)

I work fulltime in a local College (mostly 16-18 year olds) in an admin position. Oh and I live in England if that wasn't clear. (Used to be a stay-at-home mum when the girls were small, so I still wonder where all the time went.) Did a foundation course in Art a long time ago. Still love art, but love writing more, I think.

I don't tend to talk much about RL, as I lack the talent for making it sound exiting. Although the stories I could tell from work as something else. Should probably write a book, except I'd get sued. *g*

For fannish stuff, then there's links on my sidebar to selected fic/meta and Master Posts. Both BtVS/AtS & Doctor Who & Torchwood. Although my heart belongs to Eleven, I am still exceedingly fond of Ten, and he was the one who first made me fannish about Doctor Who. <3 My very small claim to fame is that I wrote an essay for Chicks Unravel Time.

In general fannish news, I'm currently trying to actually pull myself together and write the Clara meta I've been thinking about since Christmas. If you're curious, then the whole thing is basically summed up in my icon. (You can also go watch [livejournal.com profile] purplefringe's Never Look Away and [livejournal.com profile] niyalune's The State of Dreaming, which will give a good background to my thoughts.)


15 February 2014 11:20 pm
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AO3 Reaches 1 Million Fanworks !!!

In the day's honour I uploaded She Can Be. She Will Be. which is - if I had to choose - the River fic I'm the most proud of. (And still works perfectly omg. Looked through it and dear Lord, one of the lines has just gained immense new significance in the light of DotD...)

Anyway, I remember the events that spawned AO3, and the fact that it has over 1 million works representing 14,353 fandoms today is just amazing! Looking back, it started November 14, 2009 and I managed to snag an invite & join on the 16th! Goodness, I had no idea I got my foot in the door that early. :) And I still have lots of stories to upload...

But nevermind that - congrats to AO3, and well done fandom!

MillionFanworks-350-Rachel G_0
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Why Mediocre Stories Matter.


Thus, those who believe fan fiction is discreditable to the arts must accept the fact that it’s a historical form. Howey argues that fan fiction books are not easy stories—though the ideas used to shape the books may be “used,” he writes, “Ideas are cheap. Stories are dear … We are all telling the same story with slight variations.”
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From OTW: Your Personal Fandom Stories Are Urgently Needed!

The Legal Committee is thus looking for stories of how fandom has helped fans in day-to-day life. We need you to share your individual stories with concrete examples. For example, perhaps being in fandom has helped you to learn a language, helped you in school, or helped you improve skills that you use elsewhere — skills such as writing, video editing, coding websites, audio editing, or anything else. We don't need personal information from you, but the more specific the story, the better.
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Fangirl Isn’t a Dirty Word by our very own Debs.

It’s not easy being a modern fan. We’re battling decades of institutionalized sexism, racism, and imperialism. We’re working on it. We may still be struggling with all of the —isms but we’re clawing our way toward second wave fandom, particularly when it comes to female fans sharing the dais. We recognize that women really do game, read comics and geek out over all the things guys geek out over. But even in this enlightened age, the gendered term “fangirl” has become a casual slur, used with impunity to mock and ridicule a certain type of fan.

There is also a podcast: Verity! Extra! – Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun.
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Re. Amazon wanting to publish fanfic... Please tell me someone remembers FanLib? The pinata donkey? Blue guy and pink guy?

(I'm still a member of [livejournal.com profile] life_wo_fanlib, which gave me many things, this icon amongst them.)

For anyone who wasn't around 5 - 6 years ago, Fanlore gives a good summary of what happened. Amazon seems slightly less clueless, but then that isn't hard... (Those ads STILL crack me up.)
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Even I've heard of this incident, and as it highlights some important issues (for fandoms/fans/stars generally) - and this article seems wellwritten and fairly balanced - I thought I'd link you:

How 1 question triggered a "Supernatural" fandom meltdown

ETA: Why did I do this? *hides* Go read this comment. Will try to reply to everyone tomorrow...
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Fandoms: A Summary.

Shows & their fandoms. Summed up in gif form. Genius.

Mostly... Can't. Stop. Laughing.
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Was sad that Martha lost out to Joan Watson in the Final Four (am sure Joan is a fine woman, but she's neither under-appreciated, not did she save the world all on her own), when it occurred to me that there's been an awful lot of women in FFM this time round.

Going back, I discovered that even Sweet Sixteen only had one male contender. The battles (when I've managed to skim a little) seem to have been mostly centering around 'My Strong Female Character is more awesome than yours!' - and just how awesome is that?
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[livejournal.com profile] f_march_madness is FLYING by. It's like... I blink, and there's another post up. (That's probably because LIFE is rushing past.)

However, Martha has reached the final 4, and as it is Friday and THE WEEKEND OMG, I feel I should do something. So GO VOTE MARTHA! (She probably won't get another chance!)

(She's up against Joan Watson, and there's a LOVELY comment here appreciating them both. <3)


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