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Also it's Impish Girl's 17th birthday. There may be photos at some point...
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Last weekend it was the Cherub's 12th birthday.

And today we took Miss M to Cambridge.

So... that's why I've not been around. But life is good. <3

(Closing comments, because... no time.)
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I have a ton of links I meant to share, but... *hands* Work has been v busy. And 2 out of 3 have started back in school/college. (Eldest is off to Cambridge (!!) at the end of the month.)

Also realised that I never shared the fact that Impish Girl did very well in her GCSE exams, including an A* in Latin Literature and a 9 (new grading system, 9 = very high A*) in English Literature. And she also passed maths (only just, but passing was the main thing).

(I can't even comprehend all the hurricanes etc. Too big to take in.)
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And Miss M is off to Cambridge!!!


She will be studying Philosophy.

They asked for A*AA and she achieved A*A*A!

/proud mother
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So, today is Miss M's 18th birthday.

(Yes, I know.)

We've had a lovely day, she got a new phone (very shiny etc, she was very pleased), although her favourite presents were Satre's Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology and Political Thinkers: From Socrates to the Present.

Have I mentioned that she wants to study philosophy (preferably at Cambridge)?

Anyway, we went to York for the day and wandered about and had chip butties for lunch and mourned the fact that Christmas Angels is gone (it was the BEST SHOP).

But overall, very nice.

Went home, had some quick pizzas and then had the family descend (family includes a 3 year old, two 4 year olds and a 7 year old, so it was... lively). Had cake etc and are now relaxing.

I should probably do some sort of reflection, but - she's just a good girl. We're lucky. Or maybe being fairly relaxed and trusting that the kids are alright works out well when it comes to parenting. Couldn't be more proud, of course.
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We made Miss M's day as we had bought her Nietzsche's 'The Birth of Tragedy'.

In case I have failed to properly update LJ on the progress of her A-Levels (she has just finished Year one), her favourite subject is philosophy, and she is planning to go on to read that subject at uni. Possibly at Cambridge.

(Earlier in the week I bought her 'Moominpapa at Sea' since we (shockingly) do not own it [in English], and it is also a deeply philosophical work. We are such bohemians...)

Otherwise all girls are enjoying the holidays, and we are currently forcing them to pack as we go away on Monday.

Oh, and this article caught my eye:

An extraordinary first week for Boris Johnson

The big vote was a month ago. It feels so much longer. And the changes have been... At the rate we're going, in a month's time Diane Abbott could be Labour leader. (I think I'd like that, to be honest.)
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I tidied the girls' bedroom today, and in the process unearthed a lot of forgotten things.

The Cherub (9 y.o.) just came downstairs with a beautiful fan Darcy bought for them in Barcelona, fanning herself in a very lady-like manner. But rather than pretend to be some sort of noblewoman, she says:

"Look! I'm a Kyoshi warrior!"

So damn proud.

And Avatar Kyoshi... (Avatar Kyoshi > Rest of the world)

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Icon is v. appropriate, as it is actually snowing right now!

Which is crazy, because it's been practically warm, recently. (Like... 12 degrees the other day? Celsius, obvs.)

Hope you all had/are having a lovely Christmas.

We spent yesterday with family (and watched Frozen - in-laws had never seen it), and spent today being supremely lazy and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (it was Doctor Who does Inception, but with Santa Claus and loveliness ♥ ♥ ♥), the LEGO movie, the 2nd & 3rd Harry Potter films (The Cherub got these for Christmas - as in, the whole box set with all the films), and now we're watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. (Mel B is on one of the teams - I always manage to forget just how Northern she is. As in, she might as well have 'Leeds Lass' tatooed on her forehead. Reminds me of some of Darcy's cousins. And... Well, lots of people generally. They dun't mak' 'em like that down South!)

Cut for present talk )

But I'll go back to the family & be sociable, just wanted to check in. Oh, and at some point [livejournal.com profile] the_redjay and I might post fic. Not just yet, but maybe around New Year. Like, a chapter-a-day fic. :)

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I mentioned, way back when, that my mother-in-law had made Six's coat for Impish Girl (it was one of her birthday/Christmas wishes). As I am the slowest person known to man, I have only just managed to get a picture of it. Will try to get a better one (when she's actually wearing it), but I do want to show it off. It's on the hatstand that she got for Christmas (yes, this became a necessity), and has a Lady Rainicorn scarf draped in front of it.

Impish Coat
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Miss M has been chosen as Head Girl for next year.

(no title)

She is very pleased. Esp because the Head Girl is responsible for the Prom, and she wants it to have a Frozen theme. *g*

(She is 15 and currently in year 10, next year she will finish her GCSEs.)

ETA: As part of the application process she had to write a statement. Most of the other kids were very careful, and some got the teachers to check them over etc. But MY daughter started off with:

'Dear Miss X. I would like to apply for the position of Head Girl. As a result I have sent you 36 pages detailing my reasoning behind this on Google Drive.

Just kidding.'

She can't really remember the rest, but it was generally light-hearted and funny. After getting a few of her friends to check that it wasn't terrible, she handed it in. And here she is. (She also has a deputy - luckily enough the girl she was hoping for, as they'd already started making plans. *g*)

ETA2: Heeee! Just checked my phone! She actually texted me the news:

I got head girl!!!!!!
All your base are
belong to me!

I must have done something right... :)


19 June 2014 07:18 pm
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Today is Impish Girl's [13th] birthday. Her wishlist was a mile long, and included things like an Adventure Time dress (which we got her) and an Anna [from Frozen] cosplay dress (which we didn't).

However, the present that far outshines any other is the one from her grandparents (my in-laws).

Her grandmother made her the Sixth Doctor's coat!

It is un-be-lievable. And amazing. And she totally pulls it off.

(She's awesome like that. This is the girl who would probably marry her hats if she could.)

Originally it was on her Christmas Wish List, but these things take time. She's all a-flail, and I shall have take her to conventions now, because she'll outshine everyone!

Photos to follow.
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The Cherub (8 y.o): "Dad - what's a placenta?"

Kids - the cure for boredom!

Apparently we have Dan & Phil (youtubers) to blame for this. They were making biscuits, and one of them turned out 'placenta-shaped'...
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Last night there was a pigeon outside the house, looking very forlorn. The girls immediately decided to look after it - kitting out a box with sawdust/fabric and a bowl of water & seeds. Sadly it was too poorly (no idea what was wrong with it), and it didn't last the night. So now we have a pigeon buried in our garden.


What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About the Word 'Feminist'. (To claim that equality is the natural order is to forget the entire history of feminism.)

Band of Angels by Kate Cooper: The witty, flawed, brilliant and forgotten women integral to early Christianity. (Lucy Winkett, rector of St James's Piccadilly, praises the valuable work done by historian Kate Cooper remembering early Christian women who previously appeared as silent pastelled saints and virgins on church walls.)
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Found this on youtube:

And it reminded me of Impish Girl's thoughts on River/Twelve (remember, she is 12 years old):

"Don't get me wrong - Peter Capaldi is awesome. But he is too old and wrinkly to kiss someone as pretty as Alex Kingston."

That's made me chuckle ever since last night.

She also thinks that the old Cybermen were a lot scarier than the new ones, and is not happy that the latest ones take their look from the old show, because now they're creepy again.

Finally, we watched Captain America some weeks ago. My 7 year old already knows her tropes )

Their current favourite thing is Adventure Time. In their world there is nothing better than asking/being asked what time it is, and the answer being a resounding 'ADVENTURE TIME'! (This illustration gives a good idea of what it's like.)

ETA: Forgot about Toasty Kirsty! This is their nickname for Kirsty Allsop (example of her show here). Her co-presenter they've decided to name 'Fairly hairless Phil'. Just wanted to pass it along, as Toasty Kirsty is just a lovely moniker. :)
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Spurred on by last's night success, my youngest has created another story. Hopefully you can follow it, I've not really edited it.

The Silly Pancake
One day it was Pancake Day and the Dad of the familiy made llllllllllloooooooooottttttttttssssssssss of pancakes and everybody had about 4 or 5 each but there was one left but they were all full up.A little girl said 'Can we go bowling in Exscape’ Yes we can do it this Afternoon’ said Dad. Then everybody went to sleep and the last pancake ran out of the door went on the street and went next door.When the pancake went inside he said’ please may i go bowling with you in Exscape of course you can so they jumped in the car and set of to go bowling.First the human being had a go BUT when they got a ball they dumped it on pancake man and he was stuck onto the ball and when she rolled the ball it didn't stick to the floor it stuck to the pins and when the leader saw it it was over the holes so they took of the pins and got a drill and put holes through him and he died. The End. Good Bye.
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The Cherub decided she wanted to do some writing. This is the result. Hope you enjoy! :D

The Silly Sausage

O ne day in the fridge there was 5 sausages in a packet but one escaped from the packet. Then it ran all over the world for many years and didn,t get hungry because it is a sausage it is a part of food. When it came back into the packet after many years it got noticed by a human being who putt them in a frying pan and ate them for dinner and they had1 each but they didn,t know that they were years old because they looked super delicus and they fiantid s l o w l y like that and fell asleep all through the night and in the morning when everyboddy woke up stright away they were sick. The End.G ood Bye.
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If Impish Girl were in charge [of the country], she'd paint the door to no 10 yellow. It currently looks more like the mafia, according to her...

"Black is a clear sign that they're going to try to snipe you!" Beat. "Except Cameron isn't talented enough for that."

She'd also move Hamleys closer to her house.
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We are watching Iron Man 2.

Impish Girl's comment (re. Iron Man's take-off): "Americans. They're just big girls."

They (Impish Girl and the Cherub) also think Tony is an idiot. (They're not wrong, mind you... Their man!pain detector is clearly working.)

ETA: Re. Scarlett Johansson's character: "She is badass!" They are VERY impressed. :)

(Gif nicked from [livejournal.com profile] owlboy)
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... my daughters had fish fingers and custard for their tea. Sometimes I'm a very good mum! :)

(Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have taken the day off - as well as Tuesday and Wednesday - and I have Oswin meta that is almost ready to post and will have the house COMPLETELY TO MYSELF for two whole days - my actual birthday I'm going to spend with my lovely inlaws - and oh, the things I can get done... I can't explain how magical the world looks right now. Mind you, if you could see my house you'd agree that two weeks would probably be better for getting stuff sorted. But at least I can make a good start.)


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