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Also it's Impish Girl's 17th birthday. There may be photos at some point...
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I have a ton of links I meant to share, but... *hands* Work has been v busy. And 2 out of 3 have started back in school/college. (Eldest is off to Cambridge (!!) at the end of the month.)

Also realised that I never shared the fact that Impish Girl did very well in her GCSE exams, including an A* in Latin Literature and a 9 (new grading system, 9 = very high A*) in English Literature. And she also passed maths (only just, but passing was the main thing).

(I can't even comprehend all the hurricanes etc. Too big to take in.)


19 June 2016 09:15 pm
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Today is Impish Girl's birthday (she's 15!!), so in her honour (and because we got her a banjo) you get Rainbow Connection:

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I mentioned, way back when, that my mother-in-law had made Six's coat for Impish Girl (it was one of her birthday/Christmas wishes). As I am the slowest person known to man, I have only just managed to get a picture of it. Will try to get a better one (when she's actually wearing it), but I do want to show it off. It's on the hatstand that she got for Christmas (yes, this became a necessity), and has a Lady Rainicorn scarf draped in front of it.

Impish Coat


19 June 2014 07:18 pm
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Today is Impish Girl's [13th] birthday. Her wishlist was a mile long, and included things like an Adventure Time dress (which we got her) and an Anna [from Frozen] cosplay dress (which we didn't).

However, the present that far outshines any other is the one from her grandparents (my in-laws).

Her grandmother made her the Sixth Doctor's coat!

It is un-be-lievable. And amazing. And she totally pulls it off.

(She's awesome like that. This is the girl who would probably marry her hats if she could.)

Originally it was on her Christmas Wish List, but these things take time. She's all a-flail, and I shall have take her to conventions now, because she'll outshine everyone!

Photos to follow.
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If Impish Girl were in charge [of the country], she'd paint the door to no 10 yellow. It currently looks more like the mafia, according to her...

"Black is a clear sign that they're going to try to snipe you!" Beat. "Except Cameron isn't talented enough for that."

She'd also move Hamleys closer to her house.


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