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This is one of the albums I have listened to every year for... I don't even know.

(It's a playlist, so go to youtube to listen to the whole thing.)
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Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards In Winter:

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Michael Buble is on the CD player, we have a tree and are slowly transferring the decorations from boxes to the tree/house. And there are even snowflakes falling from the sky.

ETA: Oh and Miss S (Miss M's girlfriend) arrived today, (and Miss M came back from Cambridge on Monday) so we are many ppl. <3
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All in one, this year. Something for everyone. :)

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14 Christmas Struggles That Are All Too Real For Expats In The UK
Turns out the British REALLY love Christmas.
These are amusing and very true. :)

We Visited A Syrian Refugee Family As They Prepared For Christmas In The UK
After fleeing from death threats in Syria, one Kurdish family tell BuzzFeed News about settling into a new home, their traditions and hopes for the future.

It may have seemed like the world fell apart in 2016. Steven Pinker is here to tell you it didn’t.
“The world continues to improve in just about every way.”

The most important part of 'Rogue One' was an unexpected and subtle one.
(Representation matters <3)
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Not around much I'm afraid. Let me see if I can remember...

No idea what happened Monday. Tuesday I was working late. Yesterday there was a (very lovely) Christmas Concert in the Cathedral during which the church choir sang (incl. Darcy), and tonight is the Cherub's Christmas Play. (This facebook post gives an incredibly accurate picture!!)

Tomorrow Miss M's friend S arrives (I may nickname her 'Adopted Daughter' as that's more or less her position in the family I reckon - she's here for Christmas. <3), and I THINK I have posted all the cards/gifts that need to go places other than immediate family.

Anyway, posts/replies to comments will have to wait until... next week, I think. Unless I feel extra motivated this weekend, and find some spare time. But next week I should have actual time.

Hope you're all OK - I've been reading my flist, but that's all.

(And trust me, I am well aware how lucky I am not to be working in retail!!)
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Including rambling about stuff I've watched. No spoilers )

Wishing you all the best for 2016!!! Dunno what I'd do without you. I'm terrible at commenting, and even worse at writing about my own life, so I hope this makes up for things a little... ♥
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And I saved the best song for last...

May you all have a blessed day. ♥
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Also A++++ for the video, which is one of the most representative I've ever seen. :)
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Also many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kathyh, [livejournal.com profile] hobbituk and [livejournal.com profile] green_maia for the Christmas cards! ♥
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Icon is v. appropriate, as it is actually snowing right now!

Which is crazy, because it's been practically warm, recently. (Like... 12 degrees the other day? Celsius, obvs.)

Hope you all had/are having a lovely Christmas.

We spent yesterday with family (and watched Frozen - in-laws had never seen it), and spent today being supremely lazy and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (it was Doctor Who does Inception, but with Santa Claus and loveliness ♥ ♥ ♥), the LEGO movie, the 2nd & 3rd Harry Potter films (The Cherub got these for Christmas - as in, the whole box set with all the films), and now we're watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. (Mel B is on one of the teams - I always manage to forget just how Northern she is. As in, she might as well have 'Leeds Lass' tatooed on her forehead. Reminds me of some of Darcy's cousins. And... Well, lots of people generally. They dun't mak' 'em like that down South!)

Cut for present talk )

But I'll go back to the family & be sociable, just wanted to check in. Oh, and at some point [livejournal.com profile] the_redjay and I might post fic. Not just yet, but maybe around New Year. Like, a chapter-a-day fic. :)

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I knew most of these, but they all make me very happy:

I Knew Pope Francis Was Good, But When I Found Out Everything He Did in 2013, I Was Blown Away

And, because it's just gorgeous:



24 December 2012 09:58 pm
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Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas, whatever your beliefs.
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...and to panic about Christmas cards. (I'm hoping that by some miracle I'll get most of them done this weekend. It's not very likely, but I can hope, right?)

Anyway, here's the BBC Christmas trailer:

(The only downside is that it rather destroys my Oswin theory, but oh well. C'est la vie. I trust the Moff to be clever.)

Favourite youtube comment:


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