26 December 2014

elisi: van Gogh almond flowers (Christmas TARDIS by daquien)
Icon is v. appropriate, as it is actually snowing right now!

Which is crazy, because it's been practically warm, recently. (Like... 12 degrees the other day? Celsius, obvs.)

Hope you all had/are having a lovely Christmas.

We spent yesterday with family (and watched Frozen - in-laws had never seen it), and spent today being supremely lazy and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (it was Doctor Who does Inception, but with Santa Claus and loveliness ♥ ♥ ♥), the LEGO movie, the 2nd & 3rd Harry Potter films (The Cherub got these for Christmas - as in, the whole box set with all the films), and now we're watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. (Mel B is on one of the teams - I always manage to forget just how Northern she is. As in, she might as well have 'Leeds Lass' tatooed on her forehead. Reminds me of some of Darcy's cousins. And... Well, lots of people generally. They dun't mak' 'em like that down South!)

Cut for present talk )

But I'll go back to the family & be sociable, just wanted to check in. Oh, and at some point [livejournal.com profile] the_redjay and I might post fic. Not just yet, but maybe around New Year. Like, a chapter-a-day fic. :)



elisi: van Gogh almond flowers (Default)elisi
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