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The Beautiful, Ugly, and Possessive Hearts of Star Wars

Money quote: [The reaction of the most hardcore of fans] to The Last Jedi proved exactly why it needed to be made.

It also reminded me of a tweet I saw by someone who asked whether people could take Vice Admiral Holdo seriously [what with having purple hair and wearing a 'prom dress']. And there were plenty of people in the comments talking about Leia's hair & clothes and how the other admiral was a fish etc. But what I thought was that it's not really about that person (who wrote the tweet). It's about the next generation and trying to deprogram them from the Straight White Male Authority Figure template.

The kids of today will remember Holdo as one of the great heroes of the Resistance, purple hair and all. And hopefully the world they grow up in will reflect it.
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As I posted fic yesterday, I realised I hadn't posted anything for about two weeks - dunno what happened, life I guess.

Am going to write a review (i.e. Reasons You Need To Read This) of the book of The Day of the Doctor, but for now I just want to leave you with this vid, which is just somehow perfect. BLACK EVERYTHING!

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THIS is one of the funniest things I have ever come across. (BIG SPOILERS for Rogue One.)

So I made icons:

And then there is this hilarious thread (click through for the whole thing):

And for those of you old enough to appreciate this:

The Adam & Joe Show: TFI Star Wars!

(There is a whole series - Chew Wants To Be A Millionaire, Star Wars Crystal Maze and so on. Kenobi is my favourite character.)

ETA: Via Kerk: If Twitter existed in 1980... :D :D :D

And now for TLJ links... )
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I have a small collection of TLJ links (f.ex. this tweet will make your heart hurt - SPOILERS), but THIS article hit the nail on the head so perfectly that I had to share it asap:

What Star Wars Learned From Literary Fiction

I'd say this is why some of us are suddenly hooked and others are grumpy b/c TLJ is 'different' from regular Star Wars.

Money quote:

From an industry perspective, publishing people often classify literary fiction by considering the following qualities:

- The plot is driven by internal character moments rather than external events.
- The story has some level of meta commentary, either on world events or the human condition.
- The pace is slower than commercial stories, allowing character moments to breathe.
- The style emphasizes aesthetics and complexity. In simpler terms, it’s got “pretty” prose rather than the simpler “this happens here and she said this to him” directness that comes with more popular fiction.
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Here be spoilery links )

All links will be added to The Master Post
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(Did you see what I did there? *g*)

Previously posted links:


And new links/stuff I saved up:

Still spoilers )
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I am off to see The Last Jedi again in a little while (\o/), but before I go a few more links (all via my flist - thank you!):

Star Wars: The Return of the Stakes, or The Failure Frontier
(Fascinating. And long. But seriously. Fascinating.)

Luke Skywalker Isn’t Supposed to Be “Nice”
This one almost made me cry. It also pointed out how Luke hiding away is not 'running away' (which it looks like), but actually makes sense. Plus, it provides the best summary of the movie's themes that I have seen: the film is examining heroism as a concept, as a systematic construct that binds the very people it should comfort.

Also a very thought provoking vid, mostly focussing on the original 6 movies (no spoilers for TLJ except for a few shots from the trailer):

ETA: Also one of the best explorations/explanations of Anakin's fall to the dark side.

(I think I will be making a master post with all the links I have posted so far...)
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This is excellent:

The Last Jedi, toxic masculinity, and showing your place in all this

(Many spoilers)

ETA: EmoKyloRen just doesn't stop being funny... Under cut, cause spoilers:

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This made me laugh SO MUCH.

Under a cut, although not spoilery )

And also from Twitter, a brilliant thread delving into Luke's character development:

Scroll up!

Finally, then kerkevik sent me a link to this post, which has a lot of great links (AND SPOILERS) which you should check out. My favourite was this one:

‘The Last Jedi’ Doesn’t Care What You Think About ‘Star Wars’ – And That’s Why It’s Great

ETA: And and since I'm here:

“Did we even see the same thing?” How we watched and talked about movies in 2017
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Via Kerk:

Will Wheaton on The Last Jedi, general thoughts, no spoilers:

“We are the spark, that will light the fire that will burn the First Order down.”
I felt like, if I were a kid today, this movie would be *my* Star Wars, it would the one I would still be talking about in forty years, the way the original Star Wars (that I refuse to call ‘episode whatever’) is for me today.

Via sea_thoughts:

Bitter Gertrude (MANY SPOILERS!!): “This is Not Going to Go the Way You Think”: The Last Jedi Is Subversive AF, and I Am Here for It

If you didn't like TLJ, if you felt it handled [insert issue/story/character] badly, and wonder why some people are so taken with it, this article might provide some answers. I was practically making dolphin noises by the end of it. (And - believe it or not, although I can prove it - I had the idea for the icon before reading the article!)

And for those that would like the icon - as usual free to good homes, but please credit - I made a US version too:

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Twitter thread

(It's late and I have not replied to previous comments and it's Christmas TOMORROW and I still have presents to wrap, but oh, this verse, these characters! <3)
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Saw it on Tuesday, but haven't had time to write anything.

And still not sure WHAT to write.

But basically, I think it's my favourite out of all of them. It had that *something* which pings me; interesting, complicated somethings, which meant that when the movie was over, all I wanted to do was for it to start straight back up again. If it wasn't so horrifically expensive to go to the cinema I'd watch it many times. Instead I guess I'll have to wait months for the DVD. :(

Vox has a v good article (WITH MANY SPOILERS): The “backlash” against Star Wars: The Last Jedi, explained
Why the latest film in the galaxy-spanning franchise has proved so unexpectedly polarizing.

Which was useful since my other half is one of those disgruntled fans (he has loved it since he was a boy and queued round the block to watch the originals etc etc), so I am just ignoring him. And anyway, we tend to like different things.

Above everything else, however, I shall recommend Kylo Ren's twitter:

Emo Kylo Ren

It is hilarious (and spoilery) and I love it to pieces.
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Just a few things.

First, The Guardian has a wonderful article:

The web's funniest responses to Trump's grim first week .
I had seen quite a few, but not all. Remember, laughter is one of the best weapons! (Esp loved the one with Hillary limiting men's use of the reproductive organs.)

Secondly, for those that want to keep on top of what's happening (US centric), add [community profile] thisfinecrew. Lots of links and things to do etc.


And then for something completely different.

Went to the cinema on Wednesday and (FINALLY) saw Rogue One. Twas very very good and I liked it very much.

The interesting thing is that most of my flist has seen it by now, and I have scrolled past many many posts, which often fall into one of two camps. Either 'Well this one easily beat the somewhat mediocre The Force Awakens!' or 'The Force Awakens was easily superior, here are my issues with Rogue One...'

I am doing my usual trick of liking BOTH. Quite frankly, if the universe gives me TWO Star Wars movies with female leads they would have to be *fantastically* poor for me to complain.

Of course you may all like or dislike whatever you see fit. These things are all personal.

(FIAF stands for Fuck It All Friday, see Peter and Jane.)


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