18 January 2018

elisi: Rey thoughtful (Star Wars)
I have a small collection of TLJ links (f.ex. this tweet will make your heart hurt - SPOILERS), but THIS article hit the nail on the head so perfectly that I had to share it asap:

What Star Wars Learned From Literary Fiction

I'd say this is why some of us are suddenly hooked and others are grumpy b/c TLJ is 'different' from regular Star Wars.

Money quote:

From an industry perspective, publishing people often classify literary fiction by considering the following qualities:

- The plot is driven by internal character moments rather than external events.
- The story has some level of meta commentary, either on world events or the human condition.
- The pace is slower than commercial stories, allowing character moments to breathe.
- The style emphasizes aesthetics and complexity. In simpler terms, it’s got “pretty” prose rather than the simpler “this happens here and she said this to him” directness that comes with more popular fiction.


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