3 July 2018

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They included a handy link so you can email your MP to ask them to speak up:


Oh and speaking up can help. Here's another thread which... Well, go read it (and he did a lot more than just speak up):

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The Beautiful, Ugly, and Possessive Hearts of Star Wars

Money quote: [The reaction of the most hardcore of fans] to The Last Jedi proved exactly why it needed to be made.

It also reminded me of a tweet I saw by someone who asked whether people could take Vice Admiral Holdo seriously [what with having purple hair and wearing a 'prom dress']. And there were plenty of people in the comments talking about Leia's hair & clothes and how the other admiral was a fish etc. But what I thought was that it's not really about that person (who wrote the tweet). It's about the next generation and trying to deprogram them from the Straight White Male Authority Figure template.

The kids of today will remember Holdo as one of the great heroes of the Resistance, purple hair and all. And hopefully the world they grow up in will reflect it.


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