5 January 2018

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I came across this, and it's very rare that LotR vids work for me (and works as gorgeously as this one does), so I couldn't not pimp it. Plus it's a Vienna Teng song:

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Vidder's notes: ostensibly a Lord of the Rings vid, actually a lot about my Silmarillion feelings.
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I am off to see The Last Jedi again in a little while (\o/), but before I go a few more links (all via my flist - thank you!):

Star Wars: The Return of the Stakes, or The Failure Frontier
(Fascinating. And long. But seriously. Fascinating.)

Luke Skywalker Isn’t Supposed to Be “Nice”
This one almost made me cry. It also pointed out how Luke hiding away is not 'running away' (which it looks like), but actually makes sense. Plus, it provides the best summary of the movie's themes that I have seen: the film is examining heroism as a concept, as a systematic construct that binds the very people it should comfort.

Also a very thought provoking vid, mostly focussing on the original 6 movies (no spoilers for TLJ except for a few shots from the trailer):

ETA: Also one of the best explorations/explanations of Anakin's fall to the dark side.

(I think I will be making a master post with all the links I have posted so far...)


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