2 February 2018

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THIS is one of the funniest things I have ever come across. (BIG SPOILERS for Rogue One.)

So I made icons:

And then there is this hilarious thread (click through for the whole thing):

And for those of you old enough to appreciate this:

The Adam & Joe Show: TFI Star Wars!

(There is a whole series - Chew Wants To Be A Millionaire, Star Wars Crystal Maze and so on. Kenobi is my favourite character.)

ETA: Via Kerk: If Twitter existed in 1980... :D :D :D

And now for TLJ links... )
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So, today is Groundhog Day. (Quite literally, it's the 2nd of February. Darcy & Miss M even watched the groundhog live on TV.)

So, tonight we watched the S2 finale of The Good Place and then Groundhog Day, which went very well together - Eleanor is essentially a 21st century Phil Connors.


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