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This is probably the closest I'll be getting to actual meta on S11.

It's essentially me trying to understand Thirteen and how she fits with what came before. She is of course perfectly Doctor-y, but she feels a little bit like she fell out of E-Space. I don't really see the age, that core of darkness we know she carries inside. There are tiny glimpses, but it's nothing more than that, and continuity-wise the Time War might as well never have happened. (I presume this will get fixed in the future, and that they're just giving us a nice fluffy season of a breather to start off with.)

But to illustrate what I mean I shall use Four, whose era I am currently working my way through (just finished Season 13!). Four is of course utterly brilliant and effortlessly ageless and alien. But he feels young. (He's full of energy and action and curiosity and vitality, a happy man enjoying life.) I have been imagining this little exchange in my head, adapting River's first meeting with Ten:

RIVER: But look at you. You're young.
FOUR (wide grin, you know the one): See, this is exactly what I was saying to the Sisterhood of Karn the other day. Life doesn't begin until seven hundred and fifty!

In the same way Thirteen is perfectly 'ageless', easily striding across the universe and endlessly capable - a perfectly Doctor-y Doctor, with odd clothes and strange habits and full of obscure knowledge; but she doesn't seem to have that age to her that Nine onwards do, that burden of her blood-stained past, and sits much more comfortably alongside the Classic Doctors than the New ones. I presume this is a conscious decision, but I need that link, the acknowledgement of her history and her past to fix her properly in my head.

Or as Promethia said back when S11 was airing:

Back during Season Five I remember an old-timer saying that watch enough Who and inevitably your favorite character become the Doctor and your favorite Doctor becomes the Doctor. Which made enough intellectual sense to me to take note of, but man, I am feeling it this season. I get it now. Like, yes, your new friends seem lovely, but slightly in the middle of a 55-year old character arc here. Bit keen to get back.

The Doctor's internal conflicts have been the driving force of the show for... all of New Who, basically, so suddenly having a [perfectly nice, don't get me wrong] blank to work with is disorienting.

Now pointing out the issues obviously doesn't really help in trying to work out how to reconcile what's on screen with the disparity in my head. Thankfully, I found an explanation that works for me.

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Since S11 was a barren wilderness from a meta/poetry perspective, I have been trying to work out how to organise my thoughts. Because I have thoughts, they're just scattered and mostly not terribly positive. So I decided to divide them up into separate posts, and am starting with the good and positive things about S11, irrespective of any personal opinions. Vague spoilers below the cut.

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ETA: In short this. ♥
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In other news, I have almost finished S22 and may write up some thoughts on that! Six is my darling and I luff him to pieces. ♥
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I think that might have been the most Chibnall-y episode to ever Chibnall. Fabulously entertaining and fun and utterly ridiculous and PEOPLE and FAMILY and [redacted - i.e. the threat thing, which... *hands*].

A lot of character stuff for those that want to delve into it, Imma just gonna sit over here and chuckle to myself.
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If you came this way,
Taking any route, starting from anywhere,
At any time or at any season,
It would always be the same

(T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding - many apologies)

I had a sort of mini-epiphany. I've said that the show now feels [in texture] like Classic Who, and that you could jump from then to now with no problem.

And I think that's the thing. The show has been re-booted, but it's still anchor-less. There is no part of it that makes it a continuation of New Who. (Except for Thirteen wearing Twelve's clothes and the shorter format etc etc, that's not what I am talking about.)

So far Thirteen is absolutely the Doctor, no doubt about it, and she's brilliant, but like... sort of in parallel to the past? Her stories could be set at any point. She could be a Classic Doctor, like... a re-cast Five? And you needn't change a thing.

I'm not saying this is bad. But it means there is nothing that really grabs me.

So, instead of complaining I'm off to watch Classic Who! Watched Battlefield last night (S26, ep 1, Seven's final season) and loved it to pieces. Next up is Ghostlight which [personal profile] thisbluespirit bought for me. ♥ And once I'm done with Seven I'll start on Six properly. Hurrah for the 50+ years of show!
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New Doctor Who composer revealed for Jodie Whittaker’s first series
Segun Akinola is set to create “a fresh take on the legendary theme tune” as the first new composer the series has had in over a decade

And via Owls, his Soundcloud
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I'm guessing you have all seen the New Doctor Who Logo?

(Love the new look of... everything. The whole nature thing is beautiful, and wonderfully different. Also, in the more general scope of things, then the regeneration of the whole show with a new show runner is very much of the good.)
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So, when trying to think back on the new showrunner's previous work, one episode did of course stand out...

Now a cyber woman fighting a pterodactyl is probably the single most iconic moment of Torchwood, and as someone who likes my crack deep fried I rather adore it.

However, there is the question of the metal bikini, and at whose feet we shall lay that whole fiasco? Before decrying Chibnall as an evil sexist (have we been on this band wagon before? Why yes we have! If you are in charge of Doctor Who, it is self-evident that you hate women/all minority groups/anyone else you can think of) I thought I'd try to find out if the outfit was his idea, or if - like the case with Amy's skirt - it was something completely out of his hands. (Amy's short skirts were Karen Gillan's idea, and had nothing to do with Moffat.)

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