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Anyone thinking that Toby Whithouse is a terrible writer and this episode was rubbish - please note that this is my SECOND post… (First post here, please read that if you haven't already.)

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I feel this only addresses about three things, but it's already Thursday and my head just won't wrap itself around things the way they should. So further thoughts might follow. Please talk to me about stuff you think I should look at!

Weekly Meta Cafe is hereby open. :)

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Right so, SPOILERS for tonight's episode (The Lie of the Land). Quite probably only amusing for the Brits out there (knowledge of British politics - Corbyn specifically - required).

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I AM SO SORRY FOR INFLICTING THIS ON YOU. Proper meta coming, honest. *g*
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... head over to [personal profile] promethia_tenk's and read about alllll the symbolism and how it hangs together and how Bill fits into all of it.

Spoilers up to (and including) The Pyramid at the End of the World, as well as the next time trailer:

On Bill and The Symbolism: Season Ten Analysis (so far)
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in ex·tre·mis: in extreme circumstances; especially: at the point of death

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There will probably be words.


But oh, that was... ALL THE THINGS!

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So, last week Promethia wrote about Knock Knock, which was great.

This week... Well, I've been trying to slowly re-boot my brain. This weekend is the first one where we've not been busy since - I'm not even sure. Anyway, it's not rebooted enough to actually write anything. I've been talking about it with Promethia, but since her brain is working, and mine is not, these are her thoughts. Roughly edited into different subjects areas.

Although TONIGHT I shall be sat in front of the TV, watching in real time and hopefully being able to flail shortly afterwards. :)

Anyway, what is under the cut is ALLLLL [personal profile] promethia_tenk. (Times like these it is VERY HANDY to hare your brain with someone else...)

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This has been a very very busy weekend and after watching 'Knock Knock' this was pretty much my only thought:


Thankfully the other half of my brain, the always brilliant [personal profile] promethia_tenk, HAS WRITTEN A POST, which talks about All The Things. :D :D :D

Go & read. I doubt I'll be 'writing' anything more than what's under the cut.

(My parents have been visiting for the past two weeks. They left this morning. Next weekend it's my sister-in-law's wedding. So yeah, RL eating me alive.)

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Well, my immediate reaction was pure delight. But as I started writing down all my thoughts, I realised I would have to split them up, as they were veering in two very different directions. So, first up comes the serious post. Because the show did one of the things I was most hoping for: It got political. And how!

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30 April 2017 06:36 pm
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I haven't had time to write anything yet, so instead I am going to share a hilarious Tumblr post:

Common answers to seemingly simple questions asked about Doctor Who

No liquids near keyboard.

In case you are NOT familiar with Doctor Who... Well, this is the kind of stuff which will become second nature, without even thinking about it.

Oh and there are NO SPOILERS.
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Thoughts on 'The Pilot' and 'Smile', whilst also looking back to Clara.

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However, realistically that is not going to happen.

So, instead I offer from the BBC: The Pilot: The Fact File

And also this review which touches on a lot of the stuff I would have talked about:

DOCTOR WHO, 10.1 – ‘The Pilot’
by Frank Collins
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Cautiously opens the door to the meta café a tiny bit...

I have been saying for years now that Moffat has been re-booting the show… Here is how he did it.

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It was wonderful and Bill is wonderful and everything is good and Doctor Who must never go away again.

The end.
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Pandorica Jar: Steven Moffat and the idea of the female Doctor
So many people seem surprised or even shocked because of Steven Moffat’s “sudden change of mind” regarding female Doctor. I don’t know why, really. But for those who haven’t been paying attention to the question of the female Doctor during the last several years, here’s a cheat sheet.
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Kellyanne Conway suggests Obama could have spied on Donald Trump through a microwave

And although it looks like an Onion headline, it's 2017 and the link goes to The Independent...

In far happier news (I'm pointedly ignoring British politics) here is the new Doctor Who trailer:

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If you want a more artistic version that might be easier to print out, I found one here
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(I'm so creative with my subject lines!!)

Lovely little post here about the Christmas Special: The gentle world of The Return of Doctor Mysterio

And I mentioned that Darcy has developed a proper Christmas cold/flu, yes?

He does not QUITE adhere to Manflu: A User’s Guide, as he went straight to bed and slept for best part of yesterday, but he DID watch Wheeler Dealers this morning. (Note: apparently in the US this programme has lots of explosions and stuff? Over here, it's one guy buying cars and another guy fixing them up and then the first guy selling them on. (Episode here) It's... incredibly same-y, but it seems to hit the sweet spot for ppl with a Y chromosome.

Now however he's reading Plato's The Republic, so probably on the mend.

Had a lovely Christmas btw, in case I didn't mention that before. :)


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