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Funny because it is true.

Meanwhile Corbyn was at Glastonbury, as full of hope for a better world as if it was 1968 and with thousands chanting his name. What even is this year?

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25 June 2017 05:25 pm
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] kathyh!

Hope it's a good day with nice things and that the coming year will bring much goodness.
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So, last weekend was very very busy, only saw this episode on Monday and have been vaguely attempting to write something in the days that followed.

It's a lovely, lovely episode, and deserves far better than these scattered thoughts, but I know tonight's episode will be quite something so felt the need to post SOMETHING, before the story moved on.

So here it is. Very basic, barely cover a quarter of what I'd like, but it's better than nothing... Oh and a great deal is Promethia's, literally.

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20 June 2017 10:08 pm
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(I still can't believe that this is real. WHAT IS *WRONG* WITH THE TORIES???? Who the hell takes food from children?)
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This has been SUCH A BUSY WEEKEND. Although in a good way.

For now, the brief thoughts I wrote down on The Empress of Mars.

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If you haven't heard of The Great Get Together, have a look! There might be something happening near you!!

It's in memory of Jo Cox, celebrating her message, and very much what we need right now. And just look - a media first! The Sun & Daily Mirror print a shared editorial backing The #GreatGetTogether inspired by Jo Cox, and The Telegraph and The Guardian have written a joint opinion piece celebrating #MoreInCommon. (Follow link above to see them.)

And here are four former Prime Ministers:

"We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."
Jo Cox, firs speech to Parliament.

(And also, you should all go watch The Last Leg. <3)
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Anyone thinking that Toby Whithouse is a terrible writer and this episode was rubbish - please note that this is my SECOND post… (First post here, please read that if you haven't already.)

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Also, you should all watch Election Spy (VERY SHORT, HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!)

Also, from the BBC: General election 2017: 'Why I switched from Tories to Labour'

And from NME: Protest against Theresa May’s ‘coalition of chaos’ takes place in London

I think Darcy described the whole situation best:

We were in a car going in the wrong direction. Now someone has thrown a spanner in the works and the car is broken. But at least it's stopped.
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Finished it by watching The Last Leg (& HIGNFY) and am too tired to say much except that you should watch the whole two hours (of The Last Leg) because it was great, and Baroness Warsi is a dear. <3
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In case you haven't seen it yet, here is Jonathan Pie's reaction.

For anyone who wants a proper primer, Vox wrote a handy article just before the election. Covers most issues, I think.

Except of course the DUP, whom Ms May now wants to make an alliance with... BBC article here which covers a lot of it. They're basically hardcore right wing fundamentalists, with everything that entails - hey, it's like getting a taste of the GOP!! Except endorsed by the three biggest loyalist paramilitary organisations. ETA: Better link The Democratic Unionist Party

Such charming friends she keeps. Especially after going on and on about Corbyn 'palling around' with terrorists... With thanks to [personal profile] enevarim there is a perfect tweet:

And a more serious ETA:

And half an hour to The Last Leg!! (Two hour Election Special. This should be goooooooood!!)
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General election ends in a hung Parliament

The Tories had a 17 point lead at the start of April! They expected a landslide...


ETA: Context for those haven't been following (and why would you?). The PM decided to call a snap election (even though she'd said she wouldn't) in order to increase her mandate before the Brexit talks.

Result: She lost the mandate.

The Tories are still the largest party, but they don't have a majority and might form a coalition with the DUP (The Democratic Unionist Party - Northern Ireland). Giving them a majority of... two?

ETA: Things you may have missed... . F.ex. Theresa May stood (amongst others) against a bloke called Lord Buckethead. Sometimes I love British politics. :)
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Why Mummy Drinks has a truly excellent rant about the importance of voting.
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I feel this only addresses about three things, but it's already Thursday and my head just won't wrap itself around things the way they should. So further thoughts might follow. Please talk to me about stuff you think I should look at!

Weekly Meta Cafe is hereby open. :)

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Go out and vote today, but know this – our grotesque system needs reform

Anyway, here's to democracy, in whatever imperfect form we get to experience it! :)
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We (myself, Impish Girl & the Cherub) went to see it this afternoon and it was *wonderful* and we do not deserve a hero like Diana, but we are grateful that we have her anyway.


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