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Pandorica Jar: Steven Moffat and the idea of the female Doctor
So many people seem surprised or even shocked because of Steven Moffat’s “sudden change of mind” regarding female Doctor. I don’t know why, really. But for those who haven’t been paying attention to the question of the female Doctor during the last several years, here’s a cheat sheet.
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I’m sure one reason there’s been such a gap between the other reviews and this one, is that I’m not sure I can do this one justice. The final three episodes are all so good (and in such different ways) that I just sort of falter.

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Campaign for Europe on the 25th

Link goes to facebook, this is the main message:

If you're unable to attend [the March today in London] but wish your voice heard contact May today in other ways. Just a sentence or two (i.e. a placard's worth of text) will be enough to ensure your voice is represented. Encourage friends and family to send en masse. She doesn't speak for 65 million. The majority do not want any kind of Brexit at all. Tell her so today: text (you can text to landlines). By email. Online via her contact form. And phone message. Twitter @theresa_may http://www.tmay.co.uk/contact

ETA: Nick Clegg tells EU march there is a 'perpetual sense of anger' over Brexit
Former deputy prime minister addresses tens of thousands of people protesting against decision to leave EU
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I keep feeling like I should write something... more.

But there are no simple platitudes. Yes the London attack was terrible, but UN fears 200 died in coalition airstrike on Mosul, Brexit grinds on, Trump's healthcare reform failed (\o/ for now at least), and Red Nose Day raised £71 million...

And the sun is shining on a beautiful and somewhat crisp spring day.

(Subject line from Kipling's Kim, which is my favourite book of all time)
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Night in a city that has licked its wounds
Two thousand years. And curls around its kits
Feeding and grooming heroes cowards wits
Lovers and killers. Always quiet sounds
As traffic purrs dim cat lights in the street.
Windows are dark in darkness curtains drawn
So many million. City I was born
In your warm heart my first breath to its beat
And hope to die according to your laws
Breathing your scented passioned poison air
Surrounds me chokes me black dust in my hair
I drink dark milk protected by your claws
Gog Magog Bran and dragons in the stone
You gave me all the words I write breathe own.

Roz Kaveney x
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Icon from 7/7 btw. As is this:

London attack: Four dead in Westminster terror incident

(Disabling comments, as my computer has major connectivity/internet problems)


Don't give them the anger they want. Focus on the amazing job done by the public and emergency services. Don't look at the apparent carnage, look at the people rushing towards the unknown to help others. Make the story about the resilience of London and its citizens. They want your anger, they want your fury - and they want you to focus it on anyone different from you. Don't hand them an easy victory.

That was my main thought... That governments will use this to target immigrants & make people afraid. I don't know how to stop that. :( It's a vicious cycle, and will only cause more hurt.
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Bill Gates takes his campaign against “America First” directly to Donald Trump today
Worth reading.

ETA: Make that two:

The FBI probe into Trump and Russia is huge news. Our political system isn’t ready for it.

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Excellent Buffy article here:

How Season 6 of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ destroyed the show — and built something better.

ETA: Meant to add this earlier, but I was on my tablet which is... fiddly. But the article struck me in much the same way that this quote does (which I'm sure you recognise from my sidebar):

"Season six [of Buffy] remains the highlight. You won't find a more skilled extended exploration of existential turmoil on the big or small screen. And I'm not talking "woe is me" teenage angst, but a genuine search for what it means to be human. It's Bergman for the masses."
Tim Porter, Paste Magazine

The article also contained a link to ‘Fleabag,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ & the trainwreck heroine: Defined not by problems, but solutions, which made me realise how similar (in many ways) Buffy S6 and Fleabag are... Barely holding it together, but pretending nonetheless, even as they're melting down and engaging in horribly self-destructive behaviour and treating decent people abysmally. Hmmmm.
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So, [personal profile] the_royal_anna wrote about Buffy's birthday.

It's a beautiful tribute (as you would expect) and you should go read it. <3
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Kellyanne Conway suggests Obama could have spied on Donald Trump through a microwave

And although it looks like an Onion headline, it's 2017 and the link goes to The Independent...

In far happier news (I'm pointedly ignoring British politics) here is the new Doctor Who trailer:

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First of all, then a vid which isn't online anymore:

Memories by Sadique. (Her website is gone, so I uploaded it myself.) It is Buffy's speech in 'Prophecy Girl' set to the theme from The Gift and uses images from all seven seasons. Utterly, utterly gorgeous - this is my Buffy, both show and girl.

(NOTE: It's in .rm format, which you can convert here to a format that is better for you, if you don't have a Real Media player.)

Also SMG's post on Instagram

And then this article:

10 Famous Writers on Loving Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(It saves the best for last...)
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(Via Sueworld)

I wish I could think of what to say, and there are endless articles extolling Buffy's virtues (which are all good, but none quite reflect ME). I guess above all she gave me fandom, fic, meta, all you lot... ♥

ETA: Oh, and if anyone's curious, here is My Buffy History. :)
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'Peter and Jane and Mummy Too' writes about International Women's Day.
Random quote (it's all good):

Women’s rights have come so far in just the last 100 years, but despite that, predictions suggest that the gender gap won’t fully close until 2186 (World Economic Forum). So, true equality may possibly not exist until our granddaughters’ granddaughters’ granddaughters’ time. That’s why the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Be Bold For Change’, because there is still so much more to change, and 169 years is too long to wait!
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If you (British you) would be so kind as to sign this, I'd be very grateful:

Ask your MP to stand with EU citizens in the UK
Regardless of whether you voted to ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ in the EU referendum, we need to use the next two years to build a society which treats other people with dignity and our environment with respect. That means we shouldn’t be treating the lives of the three million EU citizens in the UK as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.

As one of those three million, I can't help but agree...

ETA: Although there are good news now and again: Brexit: Government suffers second defeat in Lords
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The "Day Without a Woman" strike, explained
On International Women’s Day, women across the world will strike against President Trump and the social injustices that helped him rise to power.

Good luck!!
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So, way back in autumn, Darcy asked me what I wanted for my 40th.

I said a new floor (preferably wooden!) for the dining room (as we have lived with The World's Ugliest Carpet ever since we moved in 10+ years ago). He did not like this answer, as that would mean A LOT OF WORK.

I said: fine, forget it.

However, after a while he decided that it was a good idea, and the floor has slowly become reality over the past months. He bought the wood, and tongue & grooved it, and eventually levelled the floor and laid the wood and then sanded it and waxed it. SO MUCH WORK.

But oh, it was worth it. This was what I came home to last Monday (the last image - he took pictures as he finished it):

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