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Nine Tales of Trump at His Trumpiest
And these just scratch the surface

It's from February, but there's still stuff in there that I hadn't heard before. Like this:

My personal favorite, however, has to be the time Trump went after Julius and Eddie Trump (no relation to Donald) for having the misfortune of sharing his last name. As Crain's tells it, back in 1984, the non-megalomaniacal-billionaire Trumps had bid on a drugstore chain, their company name being the Trump Group. But a letter was mistakenly sent to the (Donald) Trump Organization from the publisher of Drug Store News, welcoming the wrong Trump to the industry.

The next day, Trump's pitbull lawyer, the late and legendary Roy Cohn, demanded that the other Trump Group change its name by the following day or there would be blood. Trump filed suit, alleging of the other Trumps, who were born in South Africa, that they were, as Crain's put it, "nothing but a pair of late-arriving immigrants trying to piggyback on his good name."

The "impostor" Trumps pointed out that they were formidable Trumps, too. They'd been profiled by Forbes in 1976, well before most people had any idea who Donald Trump was. Before they registered "the Trump Group" in 1982, the only companies that turned up in their search were those connected with mollusk pesticides, nut candy, and toilet paper.

After the case lingered for five years, a state judge smacked down The Donald, essentially telling him his name wasn't the special snowflake he thought it was. If Donald Trump had only demanded to see the birth certificates — which he's since become adept at doing — he'd have realized that the other Trumps had been using their last name longer than he has.
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Hillary Clinton's Appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' Breaks Records for Funny or Die (Exclusive)
(If you have not seen it, it's embedded in the article. It's worth watching.) (30 million people aren't wrong. *g*)

And under here, my favourite tweets )
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Never thought I'd ever write a single thing about the Kardshians, but her statement is both coherent and sensible.

Also, it gives me a chance to rec this book:

Kim Kardashian Saves The World (After President Trump Nearly Ends It)

A #1 KINDLE POLITICAL HUMOR BESTSELLER! Uh-oh! Newly elected President Trump is ill prepared for the 3 a.m. phone call he receives from his National Security Adviser Sean Hannity alerting him to a nuclear strike in Canada's Northwest Territories. Taking advice from Secretary of State Sarah Palin, the sleep-deprived Trump makes an impetuous decision that could set the world on course for nuclear annihilation.

(I haven't read it, but the title alone makes it worth pimpin'.)

ETA: And since I'm here:

The Four Donald Trumps You Meet On Earth
I swear there’s something familiar about this guy.
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AfterEllen: The Power Lesbians Behind Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Related: The Hillary Clinton I Know Will Do Wonders for Women
For decades she has practiced what she preached in the workplace

(In case you wonder why so much about US politics... UK politics is too depressing for me to look at the news. Sorry. But there's still hope for America.)
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It's *very* Joss.
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ETA: Oh and since I'm here:

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah unleashes the anti-Trump rant you’ve been waiting for

ETA2: Also meant to recommend this great little comic:

Make America Hate Again

ETA3: No, but... A year ago, this would have been a hilarious April Fool's.

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And this won't let me embed Huzzah:


Sep. 18th, 2016 12:01 am
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Bojack Horseman is the single most innovative and interesting show around, and you should watch it.

(We're about halfway through S3, and trying to parcel it out so it lasts. Mind you, I should probably mention that it's deeply cynical & rather depressing and yet... one of the most human shows I have ever had the pleasure to watch. <3)

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's hilarious! The visual jokes alone...

Imzy 2

Sep. 15th, 2016 01:41 pm
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FYI: Wrote a follow up Imzy post...
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'This' being Fleabag.

Here is a short trailer on the BBC. (You can watch on iPlayer)

And here is a longer trailer on youtube. (Apparently it's also available on Amazon.)

Description: 'Angry, pervy, outrageous and hilarious, Fleabag arrives with a bang, as she spins through the city grasping at anyone and anything that might keep her head above water.'

Mostly though, it's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long while. Happened to catch a later episode the other night, and then went back to watch from the start. Enjoy!




7 ways for women to disappear so their clothes won’t upset anybody


Sep. 10th, 2016 04:47 pm
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So, I am slowly trying to get on top of stuff. (Had to go back to skip=100 to catch up on my flist...)

And remembered that I signed up to Imzy. (Partly just so no one else would take 'elisi'.)

Apparently you can only follow communities, not friend other users, and I think that means that elisi is a community? Please let me know if you are there and I'll add you.

I also found this article: Imzy: Can an Ex-Reddit Exec Really Hack the Online Abuse Problem?, which helped explain a lot of why the set-up is the way it is. (The Whys behind the Whos are always useful.)

Oh and I have five two invites [left] if anyone wants one. :)

(The name is good. It sounds whimsical and odd. And does anyone know how to customise beyond adding a userpic? I've looked, but not in any depth.)

ETA: Right, so I went ahead & created a Doctor Who meta community:


Come join me! :)

ETA2: Omg, managing/setting up a community is so much better/clearer than setting up a personal account. Like, you can find stuff, and it makes sense!!
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This vid made my day!

It somehow seemed to go well with this...

“I was taking a law school admissions test in a big classroom at Harvard. My friend and I were some of the only women in the room. I was feeling nervous. I was a senior in college. I wasn’t sure how well I’d do. And while we’re waiting for the exam to start, a group of men began to yell things like: ‘You don’t need to be here.’ And ‘There’s plenty else you can do.’ It turned into a real ‘pile on.’ One of them even said: ‘If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I’ll die.’ And they weren’t kidding around. It was intense. It got very personal. But I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t afford to get distracted because I didn’t want to mess up the test. So I just kept looking down, hoping that the proctor would walk in the room. I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions. And that’s a hard path to walk. Because you need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you don’t want to seem ‘walled off.’ And sometimes I think I come across more in the ‘walled off’ arena. And if I create that perception, then I take responsibility. I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. And neither do my friends. And neither does my family. But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”

And of course we know that Hillary is The Final Girl )

(Icon by me, free to good homes)
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1. An excellent article:

Hillary Clinton’s feminism: a conversation with Rebecca Traister
The American presidency is coded male. Hillary Clinton is breaking that mold.

2. A hilarious article (with thanks to Petzi):

Democrats Troll Donald Trump With a Taco Truck in Colorado
Colorado Democrats are setting up a taco truck outside of Donald Trump’s campaign office in Denver to register voters after a Trump surrogate said that more Mexicans moving to the United States would lead to “taco trucks on every corner.”

3. Something that might make you need a tissue (in a good way):

Letters to Hillary
(I can't choose a quote. Go read them all. So far they have only posted nine, so it won't take you long.)
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I've been meaning to write this for ages, but life's been busy & I kept finding more links. So it's turned into a bit of a hodge-podge of links & tweets. Am hoping it can be of use to someone if you get into an argument...

Hillary Clinton Did NOT Lie About Her Emails
Contrary to the furious spin from Hillary Clinton’s adversaries in the media and Republican Party, FBI Director James Comey did not undercut Hillary’s truthfulness on her State Department emails. In fact, his statement and testimony affirm that Hillary has been honest about the email issue from day one. Here are the facts, not the spin.

14 Excerpts From the FBI's Report on Hillary Clinton's Email
You should read this.

And to add a little context, which you may or may not be aware of:

22 Million White House Emails May Be Missing
Up to 22 million White House emails may be missing, according to the US Attorney General. The emails, requested as part of a congressional investigation, could not be produced because they were sent on a non-governmental email server. [...] The 22 million emails were lost in 2007. Under the Bush Administration.

Read it. :) Oh, and the emails are missing because Karl Rove deleted them!

More under here )


Aug. 29th, 2016 07:03 pm
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ETA: Oh, and this one was too good not to share also:

ETA2: The Onion is spot-on as usual:

What Is The Alt-Right?
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[profile] kita0610 came up with a fabulous idea:

Someone talented needs to make a Trump video to Pretty Fly For A White Guy.

Go on - you know you want to!!!


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