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Oct. 20th, 2016 09:07 pm
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Especially love that he points out that 'the unflawed candidate DOES NOT EXIST'.


Oct. 18th, 2016 09:42 pm
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I've not been here, since we went to Denmark for a birthday/family reunion. Twas all grand & I'll try to make a post at some point (and catch up with comments/flist! /o\)

Anyway, for now I'd be deeply grateful if you would check out this link. It only takes a minute (if that):

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This is how Owl (in Winnie the Pooh) spells 'A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh', and who am I to correct an Owl?

I've been away all weekend and been travelling all day (which is a poor excuse to not be here, I know!), but I have been sleeping beneath this owl all weekend, so you have not been far from my mind:

(There were more owls, but that one was the biggest and the eyes lit up & the head swivelled...)

Anyway, everyone should have an owl in their life, and I feel very privileged that I have you. Hope you get everything you could want & an orgy on top! <3333
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Seriously though. If Hillary had gone to Hogwarts she'd totally have been the one carrying around A History of Hogwarts. And when she found out about House Elves, she'd have been outraged too and done her best to do SOMETHING to help.

(I now have an image in my head of Hillary knitting tiny elf clothing...)

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Long time LJ friend needs help...

Go Fund Me: Funeral Trip

I can't even with what she's been through.
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Except for how he obviously changes the response to 'Breaking the rules of the Geneva Convention' to 'Winning'.

Otherwise, good to go. :)
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ETA: The Reddit threads are amazing. Favourite comment so far:

'Cheeky Hillary is beating Trump in her sleep. For real.'
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But the world is a just place...

(Link with more details here: Donald Trump Appeared In A 2000 Playboy Softcore Porn. ETA: Clarification: He did not get naked, just broke a bottle of champagne and welcomed the stars to New York. And then they went off & did naughty things on their own without him.)

But, delving into the issue (not the porn!) more deeply and looking at the how and whys:

Donald Trump Is Being Outplayed by Women—and He’s Losing His Mind Over It
The GOP nominee’s pathological sexism could be what kills his presidential hopes. Good.

And then I found this excellent article by Sady Doyle:

Hillary Clinton, who has suffered fools all her life, is bulletproof against Donald Trump’s low blows

Money quote:

[Again,] Trump seemingly hasn’t noticed that by continuing to go after Machado, he’s playing right into Clinton’s characterization of him as a bully. If the opportunity to call a woman ugly comes up, he has to take it. To back down would make him less than a man. And that’s the kind of mindset Clinton is counting on. She’s ready for a debate-as-bullfight: Matador Hillary keeps waving her big red cape (or red suit) in front of the bull, so he’ll put his head down and charge. All the while, she’s planning to stick him as he rushes by.

Trump has not faced an opponent like this before. Jeb Bush cowered. Marco Rubio and Cruz tried and failed to match the reality TV star insult-for-insult. But Hillary Clinton understands the power of holding her ground and smilingly, knowingly baiting him, reaping the rewards every time he combusts.

Or, as she puts it in this tweet:

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I've had this window open for an hour, and have not been able to adequately think of something suitable for a birthday greeting.

Like River's time line, you are too complex and fabulous to be summed up. So I wish you the happiest of possible birthdays and am forever grateful that you came into my life!


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How ‘Ghostbusters’ Holtzmann has become a queer, autistic hero

American Girl
Clinics are popping up across the country to help kids as young as 3 who might be transgender, but some say it’s too much, too soon. While doctors argue, families like Nicole’s don’t have time to wait.
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Nine Tales of Trump at His Trumpiest
And these just scratch the surface

It's from February, but there's still stuff in there that I hadn't heard before. Like this:

My personal favorite, however, has to be the time Trump went after Julius and Eddie Trump (no relation to Donald) for having the misfortune of sharing his last name. As Crain's tells it, back in 1984, the non-megalomaniacal-billionaire Trumps had bid on a drugstore chain, their company name being the Trump Group. But a letter was mistakenly sent to the (Donald) Trump Organization from the publisher of Drug Store News, welcoming the wrong Trump to the industry.

The next day, Trump's pitbull lawyer, the late and legendary Roy Cohn, demanded that the other Trump Group change its name by the following day or there would be blood. Trump filed suit, alleging of the other Trumps, who were born in South Africa, that they were, as Crain's put it, "nothing but a pair of late-arriving immigrants trying to piggyback on his good name."

The "impostor" Trumps pointed out that they were formidable Trumps, too. They'd been profiled by Forbes in 1976, well before most people had any idea who Donald Trump was. Before they registered "the Trump Group" in 1982, the only companies that turned up in their search were those connected with mollusk pesticides, nut candy, and toilet paper.

After the case lingered for five years, a state judge smacked down The Donald, essentially telling him his name wasn't the special snowflake he thought it was. If Donald Trump had only demanded to see the birth certificates — which he's since become adept at doing — he'd have realized that the other Trumps had been using their last name longer than he has.
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Hillary Clinton's Appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' Breaks Records for Funny or Die (Exclusive)
(If you have not seen it, it's embedded in the article. It's worth watching.) (30 million people aren't wrong. *g*)

And under here, my favourite tweets )
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Never thought I'd ever write a single thing about the Kardshians, but her statement is both coherent and sensible.

Also, it gives me a chance to rec this book:

Kim Kardashian Saves The World (After President Trump Nearly Ends It)

A #1 KINDLE POLITICAL HUMOR BESTSELLER! Uh-oh! Newly elected President Trump is ill prepared for the 3 a.m. phone call he receives from his National Security Adviser Sean Hannity alerting him to a nuclear strike in Canada's Northwest Territories. Taking advice from Secretary of State Sarah Palin, the sleep-deprived Trump makes an impetuous decision that could set the world on course for nuclear annihilation.

(I haven't read it, but the title alone makes it worth pimpin'.)

ETA: And since I'm here:

The Four Donald Trumps You Meet On Earth
I swear there’s something familiar about this guy.
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AfterEllen: The Power Lesbians Behind Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Related: The Hillary Clinton I Know Will Do Wonders for Women
For decades she has practiced what she preached in the workplace

(In case you wonder why so much about US politics... UK politics is too depressing for me to look at the news. Sorry. But there's still hope for America.)
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It's *very* Joss.
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ETA: Oh and since I'm here:

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah unleashes the anti-Trump rant you’ve been waiting for

ETA2: Also meant to recommend this great little comic:

Make America Hate Again

ETA3: No, but... A year ago, this would have been a hilarious April Fool's.

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And this won't let me embed Huzzah:


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