12 April 2017 10:23 am
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There is a Tumblr to help with Dreamwidth:
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So, is there a way to add a feed on someone's LJ flist for people posting only on DW?

Or would people get very cross, because they want to have left completely? As far as I can tell it isn't possible, so it's a very hypothetical question...

ETA: I appears to be possible, although it might be easier to set up DW notification for the DW accounts you want to follow.
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To Import:

Go to Organize -> Import Content

Click 'Start Another Import' and follow the instructions. Literally as easy as clicking a button.

Might take a while, as everyone is importing at the moment. If you click on 'refresh' it'll update you on how it's going. Entries & comments are usually the ones that take the longest.

How to crosspost & add a [personalised] footer:

Organise -> Manage Account -> Other sites (tab)

This will take you to this page:

Add New Account

You can disable comments on crossposts, so all comments have to be made on DW.

And just below you can add a footer, including personalizing the message. ☺

If you leave it blank it'll display the default message.

Make sure to use the dropdown to choose when you want the footer.

And press Save!

How to merge your open ID with your LJ:

Organise -> Manage Account -> History

Click on ‘Claim OpenID Account’

Put in your LJ name and they’ll merge all your Open ID comments & match up icons etc. V. handy. (Also irreversible.)

Handy tip re. icons

If you name your DW icons the same as your LJ ones, they will match when you crosspost!

ETA: Friending. DW splits this up:

Subscribe -> you add that journal to your flist
Grant Access -> they can see your flocked entries
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Life feels a little like this at the moment:


Trump is going to destroy the planet, the country I have lived in for 20 years has been taken over by Brexiteers, merrily steering us towards the most impressive own goal in British history and my fannish home is being taken over by Russians.

To those who've had enough & quit for good (or are thinking about it), here's a handy guide:

How to Move to Dreamwidth and Like It

As for me - well, I've had this LJ longer than some of my children, so I'm going to hang on. I mean, Theresa May can probably read my emails already, and who's to say she isn't sharing them with Putin?

ETA: Oh and I'm not sure the US is all that much safer (article here - with thanks to shapinglight). Not to mention that facebook practically BLEEDS personal information (and might have helped Trump win - with thanks to maia for the link).

So basically:


Besides, it's a rare treat to be able to use 'quixotic'... If you've upped sticks to DW, please make sure I've got you friended, I'd prefer not lose touch with anyone. And obviously I'm already cross-posting and have pretty much everything backed up etc. Meh. I just want shiny things to distract me.

ETA2: FYI - the hive mind has discovered that the popup won't work without Javascript. So if you need your LJ but don't want to sign... There's your way around it. :)

ETA3: From beer_good: 'AFAICT, the Javascript thing isn't perfect; it lets you look at LJ and admin it, and from what I can tell you can comment as well, but you can't post or edit entries, nor can you import things to DW. So as emergency workarounds go it's very useful, but not very sustainable in the long run.'
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Changed my layout (twelve days of Christmas were done yesterday...), and with help from Promethia managed to fix my DW so it's more or less matching my LJ. Same banner, same colours, and a layout that isn't a million miles from Compact. (Compact is the best layout.) The DW side obviously still needs a lot of work, but it's more or less livable with now. :)

And so as to let this post have some content other than ~i made things pretty~ have a song:

And an article:

Stranger Things, La La Land, and Donald Trump: empty nostalgia dominated 2016
Our popular and political cultures kept returning to the idea that the past was somehow better.


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