7 January 2017

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Originally posted by [personal profile] sdwolfpup at More Joy Day is a GO
Poll preferences point to January 20 as the preferred day, so:

The TENTH More Joy Day will be January 20, 2017

Can you believe the first one was in 2008? That's absurd. Here's the original post about it on LJ. The key points:

In the interest of spreading more joy, I’m proposing that on Friday, January 20th, we each engage in one act, either on the Internet or in the physical world, which brings joy to another person, in the hopes that that person will spread that joy further, and exponentially onward.

Some ideas I had of things we could do:

Fannish: Write a fic, make an icon, make a vid, or make a fanart for someone. Buy someone paid time or userpics. Leave someone a nice comment. Say something nice about something fannish someone else loves. Say something nice about something fannish you love and encourage squee (and squee on someone else’s post if they make one!). Offer to beta for someone.

Other: Offer to donate five dollars to the charity of someone's choice. Send flowers to an online friend in a different city. Buy someone you know online a present. Or a virtual present. Plant a tree or a flower in someone's honor and take a picture of it and post it to your space. When somebody cuts you off at work, wish them well and hope they get where they’re going safely. Make somebody a friendship bracelet. Or a construction paper heart. Call someone you love and tell them so.

Or anything else you can think of!

Then on that Friday, make a post or a tweet saying what you've done (or a note that it's More Joy day), and that will hopefully help spread things further.

This year, by holding it on the day of the US Presidential Inauguration, we are making More Joy Day a stand for the belief in the goodness of people and that each of our individual small actions help keep the world itself afloat. Wherever you are, whoever you voted for, you are invited to join us in doing one small act of joy to prove Mr. Roger's mother's axim to "look for the helpers." There are always so many more helpers than there are those causing harm. Let's prove the power kindness can wield when we wield it together.

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Changed my layout (twelve days of Christmas were done yesterday...), and with help from Promethia managed to fix my DW so it's more or less matching my LJ. Same banner, same colours, and a layout that isn't a million miles from Compact. (Compact is the best layout.) The DW side obviously still needs a lot of work, but it's more or less livable with now. :)

And so as to let this post have some content other than ~i made things pretty~ have a song:

And an article:

Stranger Things, La La Land, and Donald Trump: empty nostalgia dominated 2016
Our popular and political cultures kept returning to the idea that the past was somehow better.


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