3 September 2016


3 September 2016 04:22 pm
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I've been meaning to write this for ages, but life's been busy & I kept finding more links. So it's turned into a bit of a hodge-podge of links & tweets. Am hoping it can be of use to someone if you get into an argument...

Hillary Clinton Did NOT Lie About Her Emails
Contrary to the furious spin from Hillary Clinton’s adversaries in the media and Republican Party, FBI Director James Comey did not undercut Hillary’s truthfulness on her State Department emails. In fact, his statement and testimony affirm that Hillary has been honest about the email issue from day one. Here are the facts, not the spin.

14 Excerpts From the FBI's Report on Hillary Clinton's Email
You should read this.

And to add a little context, which you may or may not be aware of:

22 Million White House Emails May Be Missing
Up to 22 million White House emails may be missing, according to the US Attorney General. The emails, requested as part of a congressional investigation, could not be produced because they were sent on a non-governmental email server. [...] The 22 million emails were lost in 2007. Under the Bush Administration.

Read it. :) Oh, and the emails are missing because Karl Rove deleted them!

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Watched episode 2 tonight, and Darcy (who was given this LJ moniker partly because of how critical he is) admitted to rather liking it - except for the theme music.

I, on the other hand, heard the first notes [back when watching ep 1] and thought to myself 'Oh, I must find that! It's gorgeous!'

So for those of you who feel like I do - here it is:

(If you go to youtube you can read about the composer, Martin Phipps.)


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