8 March 2018

elisi: (Women's March)
This is another collection of links, but these are completely random. Although I have tried to arrange them by subject.

Although first of all, in honour of Women's Day:

Barbie has released a new line of dolls for International Women’s Day and they’re awesome
(I want the Frida Khalo one...)

Twitter thread: There are a whole bunch of women who have (and do) inspired me in different ways, some of whom I've been lucky enough to write about, some I've worked with, some I listen to or read. So here they are

Fundraiser for Refuge (For women & children. Against Domestic violence.)
Richard Herring: I am spending March 8th on Twitter for Refuge because people don't seem to know when Int Men's Day is.

And also this one, because it's one of the most interesting, hard-hitting and informative things I have read on the subject:

Eco-fashion’s Animal Rights Delusion
In this exploration of the hidden stories behind materials such as wool and rayon, silk and polyester, and vegan leather, Alden Wicker—a frequent writer, blogger, and speaker on sustainable fashion—finds some inconvenient truths for the animal rights movement.

ETA: And one more:

Following John Lewis on civil rights journey 'touched by the spirit of history'
(If you can watch/read this without tearing up, you are doing better than I.)

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