1 March 2018

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And another snow day.


In other news, I have been watching S2 of Dirk Gently, and love it to absolute distraction. S1 was great, but S2 had that magical SOMETHING* that happens so very occasionally and I have already done a re-watch. There will be a post at some point.

*stories, magic, meta

And yesterday I came across this hilarious Dumbledore thread.

And now to do some writing! Spike & Angel, here I come. ♥

Also had a sudden attack of nostalgia yesterday and dug out my The Rasmus CD. Even better than I remembered. Here's In The Shadows...

(I think [profile] awmp made a Spike vid to it back in the day? And I know [personal profile] sdwolfpup made a Dru vidlet to "Not Like the Other Girls".


1 March 2018 12:53 pm
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Also, since I'm here:

‘Why won’t you work with us?’
Female TV writers voice anger over lack of opportunity

Oscars 2018: Female-led Oscar films ‘rake in most cash’

Mary Beard: Why a new understanding of 'civilisation' matters
The first episode of Civilisations is on BBC Two on Thursday 1 March at 9pm.
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