7 February 2017

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[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon still needs help!

Her GoFundMe is here, so if anyone can spare a penny or two (or more) that would be great.

I can't imagine picking up my family and moving cross country, with no safety net, on the hope and belief that surely tomorrow will be better than today. I hope and pray that everything will work out for them. So please help if you can. I'm sure every little contribution will make a difference.

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[personal profile] kerkevik_2014 is offering to write fic for donations for [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon's Go Fund Me

His posts are here on DW and here on LJ.

Re. fandoms then I say just ask, but certainly Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, Torcwhood, Star Wars, Star Trek etc. :)
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Because it's important to remember that there are still so many good and decent people in this country.

And also that things are (despite what it might feel like) constantly going forward.

At work today I attended the staff induction for new starters (to talk about the area where I work, which went very well), and caught the last bit of the previous talk where the director for Equality and Diversity was impressing upon them that these things are a legal requirement. It is the law that we have to be inclusive and open and welcoming and help integrate different groups etc. This is good.

And the other day I saw a bin lorry, which had a massive 'advert' on the side for 'STOP HATE', with lines like 'Homophobia is a choice, sexuality isn't' and 'Racism is a choice, ethnicity isn't' and so forth.

Plus of course there's the current Lloyds advert, which amongst other things features a same sex proposal, which was then followed up by a massive poster campaign throughout the country. Follow the link to see both. :)

All this is important. Things are far from perfect, but hopefully they are going in the right direction.


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