1 February 2017

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BBC: Thousands of gay men pardoned for past convictions
Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the pardon was an "important, valuable advance that will remedy the grave injustices suffered by many of the estimated 50,000 to 100,000 men who were convicted under discriminatory anti-gay laws".

But he said it was "unclear" whether only the relatives of a deceased man could apply for a pardon on their behalf.

"Many convicted men were rejected and disowned by their families," he said.

"The government should make it clear that any concerned person, including personal friends, can apply for a pardon for a deceased person."

Ten reasons why it is not undemocratic for MPs to vote against invoking Article 50
(Pay special attention to #8!)

ETA: Vox: A British petition to cancel Trump’s state visit has reached over a million signatures
Shared b/c Yvette Cooper's contribution.

Also, I still have that petition open in a tab. It makes me happy to see the numbers go up.

Although as someone pointed out, they should let Trump meet Prince Charles, just for the sake of talking climate change!!

READ THIS OMG: The protests absolutely make a difference.

CNN: As of midday Tuesday, Trump has been named in 42 federal lawsuits since his inauguration.

The Guardian: Ellen DeGeneres hits back at Trump by explaining Finding Dory plot

Easy Activism in Your Area

This Google Chrome extension will change every picture of Donald Trump to kittens
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For anyone who loves [profile] luckweaver's Redjay (or who wants to check out that 'verse, which ties in with mine), she has started posting a new story:


Set during S1 of Torchwood. :)
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This genuinely made me happy. Particularly the end with Hasan Minhaj. Good things have come out of this terrible mess.
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So, I've not mentioned the whole tjlc thing* (because there are far more important things in the world right now!), even though I have been rather appalled at how they (at least some of them) have been hounding Moffat & Gatiss (and Moffat & Gatiss are too polite to bite back a la RTD's 'Go watch Supernatural!').

But then I came across this today on Tumblr, and I am just charmed and delighted that this is a real thing and had to share:

*If you haven't heard of this, consider yourself lucky. Don't ask, just go read what looks like a brilliant book
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Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill

Although it's nice that my MP was one of those who rebelled. She's a good egg, despite everything.


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