20 January 2017

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Although if you want to do something - other than attend a women's march - you could always donate to Mandy's Go Fund Me as she still needs all the help she can.
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Originally posted by [profile] flake_sake at Inauguration Day
I don't know what to say.  I hate the suffering this man will cause in this position. I don't know how to process the absurdity of this exept with humor.  Saw this very fitting German webcomic today. (Translation below)


House of Cards: An unsettling dystopian story, where a ruthless, manipulative murderer becomes president of the United States.


House of Cards: A hopeful utopian story, where a strategically thinking, self controlled grown up, without a twitter account is president.

And from Imzy:

Today is an historic day with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.

Soon after confirmation the following issues were removed from Whitehouse.gov:

Health Care

Civil Rights



Climate Change

The Spanish translation and Accessiblity links were removed from the bottom of the page. All of these things may be restored but for now we don't know if, when, or what they will look like.

(More here. Including cat Avengers)


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