11 November 2013

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How has it been almost a month? Sorry. Hope this was worth waiting for. (It is so strange writing this, as it's something that's been in my head for years and years, and has been woven through the fic from the start...)

Fic index here if anyone wants to catch up, or just follow the tags. Also on AO3 and The Teaspoon.

Summary: Allison had always thought that university would be an adventure. But she'd not imagined that she'd end up dating Harold Saxon's son.
Setting: Summer 2029
Characters: Allison, Alex.
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 4200 approx
Feedback: Makes my world go round... No really. You have no idea.

Chapter 34 )
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Last night there was a pigeon outside the house, looking very forlorn. The girls immediately decided to look after it - kitting out a box with sawdust/fabric and a bowl of water & seeds. Sadly it was too poorly (no idea what was wrong with it), and it didn't last the night. So now we have a pigeon buried in our garden.


What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About the Word 'Feminist'. (To claim that equality is the natural order is to forget the entire history of feminism.)

Band of Angels by Kate Cooper: The witty, flawed, brilliant and forgotten women integral to early Christianity. (Lucy Winkett, rector of St James's Piccadilly, praises the valuable work done by historian Kate Cooper remembering early Christian women who previously appeared as silent pastelled saints and virgins on church walls.)


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