5 February 2018

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So [for long unimportant explanations] I was looking through old LJ entries, and came across one from the 13th of May 2006. Amongst other things I wrote:


A Doctor Who question: Was last week's episode *important*? We missed it what with being in London (specifically I think we were on the tube at the time) and then for some annoying reason it didn't show up on replay! *grumblegrumblegrumble* Anyway - any major plot developments that I should be aware of?
Here are some of the replies:


Was last week's Who important? Erm...no, not really. It just had the Doctor falling for Mme de Pompadour and abandoning Rose and Mickey on a starship 3,000 years into the future without a moment's hesitation.


Was it important



Of course it was important! Was "Fool for Love" *important*? Was "Darla" *important*?


It was just beautiful and heartbreaking and...it very nearly broke fandom.


I have last week's Doctor Who on tape and can send it to you if you like? Then you can make up your own mind. :)


Looking back, I DO remember all the furore over The Girl In The Fireplace (all the Rose fans were outraged, I was thrilled because the Doctor got laid...). But it's disappeared in the distance, blending into the canon of the show. The issues of *now* are so very different.

Also, the fact that someone had TAPED it, and POSTED IT TO ME, is so adorably quaint that I am all aflail.

ETA: OK, so I ended up having to find & watch this:

And then feeling sad that it's so old that it doesn't include all the Ten/Liz I snogging... Also, RTD cast Tennant when he was Casanova, what did people expect? ;)


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