7 June 2017

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... and I don't like her.

*this is not hyperbole. The Tories (and UKIP) are the only parties who have not signed a document to protect EU citizens' rights.

But then, she's not keen on human rights of any for her citizens. (Theresa May: Human rights laws could change for terror fight)

I'm not feeling very optimistic about politics (or anything really), but figured I should probably post something before the election. If she wins - as she probably will, although it'll hopefully be a much smaller victory than she was counting on - Ms May also wants to clamp down on the internet, so it'll be interesting to see if we'll still be here in a year's time. Of course, she is also the woman who cut police numbers by 20,000 and sells weapons to the Saudis, so her definition of 'safety' and 'fighting terrorism' differs somewhat from mine.

ETA: Here is what her internet 'clamp down' would mean:

Theresa May wants to ban crypto: here's what that would cost, and here's why it won't work anyway (Aaron Swartz once said, "It's no longer OK not to understand how the Internet works.") But hey - this is what I said! I'm not that bothered about the Russians, our PM is hot on their heels!


Vox: Londoners aren’t freaking out about the terrorist attacks. Some politicians are.

I also collected some election links, am putting them under a cut so I don't take up your whole flist:

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Basically, if you don't know who to vote for, Vote For Policies

(Jonathan Pie video here)

Finally, then from one vicar's daughter to another (OK, my father is a deacon, but same diff, I grew up in presbyteries), then I don't understand how she squares her faith with attacking those who are 'hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison', just to get Biblical for a moment (x).

So - REMEMBER TO VOTE TOMORROW!! Here is to hoping all the young people turn out, as well as the old.

(Miss M will be voting for the first time! Having studied politics as one of her A-Levels for two years now, she is very very aware of all the issues...)

ETA: Meant to say, that the encouraging thing is that it IS going to be close, hopefully. Who could have foreseen that six weeks ago? I don't know if I like Corbyn, but I respect him. He has principles and he does his best to stick to them. Labour actually stands for something again, who'd have thunk.

ETA2: It's also important to remember that we can't dismiss everyone who disagrees with us. They aren't evil. And saying that they are will get us nowhere...


7 June 2017 03:57 pm
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Looking up the transcript for 'Rose', came across this:

ROSE: Do you think I should try the hospital? Suki said they had jobs going in the canteen. Is that it then, dishing out chips. I could do A Levels. I don't know. It's all Jimmy Stone's fault. I only left school because of him. Look where he ended up. What do you think?

AHAHAHAHAHA. (sob) 'Do A-Levels'. Ah, those were the days. Rose - you're 19, you could do an Access* course if you really wanted to continue your studies, but A-Levels are forever closed to you. As is any free education.

*It stands for 'Access to Higher Education' and is a one year course which will let you apply for university at the end of it. It is not free. However, if you take out a loan and go on to complete a degree, the Access loan is written off. You will of course then have accrued a much greater debt thanks to the university fees...
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We (myself, Impish Girl & the Cherub) went to see it this afternoon and it was *wonderful* and we do not deserve a hero like Diana, but we are grateful that we have her anyway.


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