14 January 2017

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So, I tend to say that I don't write Sherlock meta. But um, this happened. I'm only skating over the surface, touching on the things that stood out for me, and I quite simply couldn't help myself. I am leaving out SO MUCH, but it is what it is.

The Lying Detective )
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Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss answers critic in verse
Sherlock writer and cast member Mark Gatiss has responded in verse to a critic who accused the show of turning the character into "Sherlock Bond".

Follow link to see poem in full.

Also from the article: Gatiss's response mirrors a poem Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself wrote in 1912, entitled:
To An Undiscerning Critic.

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Originally posted by [personal profile] snickfic at Friday politics/activism update
Activism and stuff
* "Your calls to senators are working. Know how I know? The Senate staffer on my train won't shut up about crazy calls from angry constituents."

* It's Time to Fight, another call-to-action website. That link takes you to their ACA page (full of info!)

* See how your house rep voted on H Res 48, the budget resolution today that was one step in repealing the ACA. (Click on the numbered link at the far left for the vote.)

* The Indivisible Guide now has a website with links for local action groups

* is there any hope? (fail_fandomanon).

* Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments, Revisited (Washington Monthly)

* The 2018 midterms are nearly two years away. Start paying attention now. (Vox). Nice roundup of opportunity and looming issues with the 2018 midterms.

* Legislation in two states (IA, MO) seeks to end tenure at public colleges and universities (Inside Higher Ed)

* Total Abortion Ban Debuts in Congress (Rewire)

* Arizona lawmaker proposes new bill banning classes or events discussing social justice on college campuses (Shaun King, NY Daily News)k

* How Putin Played the Far Left (The Daily Beast)

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