17 March 2018

elisi: (wtf)
I was forecast of course, but that doesn't explain WHY. It should be spring.

/rhetorical question
elisi: Rahul from Bake Off 2018 <3 (OMG!!!)


Also a VERY good look into the world of Bojack, in case you have never seen it and are wondering what it's like. The episode is called 'Thoughts and Prayers'.

Bojack is an amazing show anyway, but S4 managed to tackle gun control (see above), the insanity of current politics, miscarriage, breakdown of marriage, asexuality, the loss/search for a mother, and dementia (as well as all the usual things like why feminism/diversity is vital and the price of fame/how destructive a horrible childhood can be, and following all of the different characters in their different storylines), and how all these things are linked, AND be both amazingly funny AND the darkest, bleakest piece of TV I have ever seen. (There was a glimmer of light/grace-note at the end though. <3) ETA: I FORGOT TO MENTION THE CLOWN DENTISTS!!!

Above all, then it is just so fantastically well done. Like, the sheer craft and construction is stupidly impressive.


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