10 February 2017

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An EU Minister Told Theresa May To Stop Lying About Freedom Of Movement
“This alternative fact – or let’s call it what it is, a lie – once again resurfaced in Theresa May’s speech. Let’s move beyond such tactics and build our new relationship on facts and respect, not populism and lies.”

Keep the term "Honour Killing".
Campaigners fought long and hard to get the term honour crimes recognised as a different form of abuse experienced by women within minority communities.

Honour killings are different to domestic homicide, in the same way as domestic homicides are different to murder.
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And there was much rejoicing. \o/

It's a weekly column rather than a constantly updating blog-thing, encompassing most of the internet, but goodness, I've missed him. First article here:

The Madness of King Donald

Andrew Sullivan is one of my favourite writers, partly because I don't always agree with him. But he is always questioning, and searching and asking questions, and he has a very unique perspective.


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