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Funny because it is true.

Meanwhile Corbyn was at Glastonbury, as full of hope for a better world as if it was 1968 and with thousands chanting his name. What even is this year?

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Enough internet

(With thanks to whoever posted this, I can't remember. Might have been Tumblr..)
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This came about mostly in response to the newest LJ issues.

I admit to a fair bit of hyperbole, but why not? My keywords are 'Change is bad'. :)

(I've also wanted a Tanya icon, because she's brilliant.)

Feel free to snag.

ETA: OMG, this is too perfect:


And to have a happy item also, here's a nice video I found on facebook:

If you think things have never been worse, you need to watch this video.
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Found on Facebook:



And your boyfriend is a Nazi... Hm. 2017, watch out.
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... but 2017 started well.

We were watching Jools Holland (of course) and Darcy spotted Rowland Rivron - "I thought he was dead!"

So there - it has already given back one 'celebrity' presumed dead. ;)


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