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17 April 2019 02:13 am
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12 Adams family [wednesday]

rest here @[personal profile] pureimagination
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Call scripts for contacting Congresspersons and other resources for Medicare For All:

(I just thought I'd change up a little to another political icon.)

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15 April 2019 03:34 pm
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My photoshop decided, after many months, to start behaving again so I took it for a test run.

[6] Buffy the Vampire Slayer


You can find the rest here @ [community profile] quitealittle


14 April 2019 05:53 pm
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icon count : 80
canon : anastasia
notes : dimitri with some anya kissing in the mix

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the road to el dorado

13 April 2019 07:13 pm
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icon count : 88
canon : the road to el dorado
notes : tulio, miguel, and chel

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22 multifandom icons

13 April 2019 06:04 am
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15 '90s fandoms (buffy, clueless, farscape, friends, the virgin suicides, the x files) + 7 the age of adaline icons here!

diamond & pearl

12 April 2019 10:13 pm
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icon count : 64
canon : pokémon diamond & pearl
notes : may icons - with some pikachu, torchic, and ash ketchum

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Rec [fic]: Restaurants, by chaya

12 April 2019 01:19 pm
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Title: Restaurants
Creator: [ profile] chaya
Rating: General audiences
Word Count/Length/Size: 573 words
Creator's Summary: When in Rome.
Characters/Pairings: Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield, Zoe Heriot

Reasons for reccing: For this month's "shorts" theme and just because it's delightful, this little fic that consists of four brief scenes that nevertheless manage to paint vivid scenes of the events! Basically, various scenes of where Second Doctor era TARDIS teams go to restaurants, and Jamie has some problems adjusting to the fussy expectations of how to be in restaurants. But to make it even better, there's also one in which Jamie's on his turf and knows exactly how to behave while the others are confused.


Robin Hood [2018]

12 April 2019 12:03 am
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Robin Hood (2018)
[ taron egerton ]

[ here @ [community profile] axisandallies ]

Support the No Ban Act

11 April 2019 04:57 pm
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The ACLU, NILC and HIAS have all e-mailed to tell me to contact my representatives about this; since I'm a citizen of the wrong country for that, I pass it over to you lot. *g*

Summary from HIAS:

The No Ban Act will repeal all versions of the Muslim Ban authorized through executive order over the past two years, and will amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to prohibit discrimination based on religion. Additionally, it will limit the broad executive authority that allowed the refugee and asylum bans by implementing stricter implementation requirements and greater congressional oversight.

NILC e-mail form with template:

As we all know, paper letters are more effective than e-communication and phone calls count for a lot, so do whatever you've got the spoons for.

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8 April 2019 01:27 pm
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43 icons(gameofthrones;daenerys targaryen)

more @ [community profile] gospelle

Weekly Check in April 7

7 April 2019 05:29 pm
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Democrats are trying to make the Mueller Report public. There were rapid response rallies in support of that on Thursday April 4 (hat tip to [personal profile] executrix ). House Democrats have also asked to Trump's tax returns. The White House is as expected trying to block that from happening.

New posts this week
HIAS refugee Haggadah
Sign Up for Sierra Club Green New Deal Volunteers

How's everyone doing this week?

Poll #21767 This week
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5


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called my one senator
1 (50.0%)

called my other senator
1 (50.0%)

called my representative
1 (50.0%)

called my governor
0 (0.0%)

called my state reps
0 (0.0%)

sent a postcard/email/letter/fax
2 (100.0%)

attended a town hall
0 (0.0%)

donated money to a cause
0 (0.0%)

attended an in-person activist group
0 (0.0%)

participated in phone/online training
0 (0.0%)


View Answers

went to a protest
2 (50.0%)

signed up for alerts
0 (0.0%)

worked for a campaign
0 (0.0%)

did textbanking/phonebanking
0 (0.0%)

took care of myself
1 (25.0%)

not a US citizen but worked in solidarity in my own community
2 (50.0%)

did something else
0 (0.0%)

committed to action in the coming week
1 (25.0%)

multifandom post

7 April 2019 02:13 pm
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48 icons; Captain Marvel, Buffy, Star Trek, Legends of Tomorrow, Whiskey Cavalier, Killing Eve, Firefly, Harry Potter.

all here!

x-men cinematic universe

6 April 2019 05:36 am
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icon count : 28
canon : x-men cinematic universe
notes : sophie turner as jean grey in dark phoenix

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tomb raider (2013)

5 April 2019 08:57 pm
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icon count : 43
canon : tomb raider (2013)
notes : lara croft in tomb raider: definitive edition [ps4]

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