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I'm feeling generally pissed off, but shall spare you the (mostly RL-related) details. Instead I bring you a couple of quotes from our own Mr Whedon, from way back when. Please can we have that Joss back?

But nowadays I’m really cranky about comics. . . . Because most of them are just really, really poorly written soft-core. And I miss good old storytelling. And you know what else I miss ? Super powers. Why is it now that everybody’s like ‘I can reverse the polarity of your ions !’ Like in one big flash everybody’s Doctor Strange. I like the guys that can stick to walls and change into sand and stuff. I don’t understand anything anymore. And all the girls are wearing nothing, and they all look like they have implants. Well, I sound like a very old man, and a cranky one, but it’s true.” (Dark Horse interview)

What we don’t have, which is what some science fiction shows have, is we can’t just do a thing because it seems cool. Everything that we pitch, everything that we put out there, whether or not it works, is based on the idea of: The audience has been through this. A normal girl goes through this. A normal guy deals with this. You know, it’s issues of sexuality, popularity, jobs. Whatever it is, it’s got to be based in realism. We can’t just say, you know, `The warship’s come and, you know, they transmogrify, the-blah, blah, blah.’ We can’t do that. We can go to some pretty strange places, but at the start, we always have to be about, `How does the audience relate to having done this themselves ?’ (Fresh Air Interview)
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