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Date: 15 December 2018 08:53 pm (UTC)
elisi: (Protest)
From: [personal profile] elisi
I got very little Six viewing into my Twitch marathon - The Mark of the Rani was the only one I was able to watch in full, though I did watch enough of The Two Doctors to get my Season 6B foundations (important for a Jamie fan).
Mark of the Rani is fab, and Jamie! <333 Good choices.

But I love his Big Finish audios, so I'm definitely going to return to the TV era.
I am loving his TV stories so much I am seriously considering looking up his Big Finish stuff. (And I am not a fan of audios.) Glad to hear they're great.

Re: Thirteen era, I'm so mixed because on the other hand I enjoy the characters and enjoyed most of the episodes and I love what the actors do, and I was super hopeful early on and willing to forgive some flaws
All of this. I was so ready to love it.

I want more of the Doctor who forged her own sonic screwdriver out of scraps, but instead we just get the one who told Karl off for tripping up Tim Shaw.
This is sadly a very accurate summary. :(

I still felt good while watching the episode and after it.
Me too!

But literally minutes after I'd watched it, I was buying Classic Who DVDs online, and not thinking about the episode anymore. That's not how it's supposed to go.
LOL. I resemble that remark! (I was keen to get back to watch Six...)

One of the podcasts I listen to - I think Verity! - summed it up well by saying that S11 was playing too safe. And that it feels like it's got training wheels on.
*points to icon* Doctor Who should not be safe.
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