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TIBERIAN THOUGHTS – Sheffield Steel, or a Subjective Look at the Thirteenth Doctor #7: “Kerblam!”

This might be the most indepth take so so far. And the most... brutal, I think. The conclusion *burns*.

The thing is, I am easy to please. It takes a lot to genuinely offend me (when it comes to TV), and Kerblam! managed it.

In happier news, I watched 'The Twin Dilemma' this afternoon and it was DELIGHTFUL. <3 (Haters to the left.) All the love for Six. Gimme a Doctor who is arrogant, doesn't give a crap about niceties and is happy to destroy the bad guys, it's like balm to my soul. :D

(I am really REALLY hoping the S11 finale does something drastic. Otherwise I am going to seriously doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion.)

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Date: 24 November 2018 08:08 pm (UTC)
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I think I'll save reading that review to another day, because I just watched me some Second Doctor and am in my happy place. But yeah, Kerblam! managed to get my ire up, and I've generally been in such a loving mood of this series so far... Grrgh.

I have to say that when the Twin Dilemma was on the Twitch marathon, I watched about 15 minutes and then had to quit. Even though I knew it would happen at some point, I just couldn't handle the strangulation scene at all. The only Sixth Doctor episode I saw in full was The Mark of the Rani, which I totally enjoyed, though. Six is not among my biggest favourites, but I do like him and I can appreciate that level of snark. Also, I've started listening to some of his Big Finish adventures, and they're delightful.

I don't really need an arrogant Doctor, though, and I'm perfectly fine with him/her acting decently towards human beings including companions - it's not in conflict with taking moral stances and defeating bad guys. :-) My favourite Classic Doctors are Two and Five, who are also the nicest ones (though Two definitely has bursts of temper and moments of petulance). Though I do like (almost) all the others. But regardless, I do want a moral stance I can get behind and actual defeating of bad guys to happen!

Glad I've got reasonably much Classic Who stocked up.


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