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Summary: How do you save people that don't want to be saved?

For notes etc, please see The Prologue, or just follow the tags.

Note: Gallifreyan will be indicated by the use of « and » any other language uses "". It seemed the simplest solution.

(As always, lots of thanks to luckweaver)

I know it's only been two days since the last chapter, but this one's really short!


Chapter 10

The Seeker noticed the gun, but said nothing. If it made her feel safer, that was good. And although she was obviously freaking out, she was holding it together better than Jack had, which was also good.

«Where are we going?» he asked, indicating the central control panel, and she cautiously laid the gun down on one of the sofas, before experimentally pulling a lever.

The engines jumped to life, she shot him an odd look.

«What?» he asked.

«I just… presumed it’d all be isomorphic, knowing you.»

«It is.»

Sighing, he shook his head.

«You and Jack are my best friends. You have access to everything, more or less.»

«What’s the less?»

A beat, as they studied each other.

«Just get us away from those blasted humans, OK? I have Caan to attend to.»

He saw the way she gritted her teeth at his words. To her, Caan was just ‘a Dalek’. An enemy. A symbol of all the suffering and fighting and loss she had endured…

It wasn’t that he didn’t care, or was oblivious to how she felt. But it was very impractical, and inaccurate to boot. He hoped that using Caan’s name would help her see how it was different.

Resigned, she did as he asked, and the TARDIS took off.

«Right, there is a kitchen through there if you want a cup of tea while you wait-»

«Oh I’m coming with you,» she countered, picking up the gun again.

Knowing a lost battle, he nodded in defeat. One step forward, two steps back. All the trust he’d built, vanished. Bloody humans and their bloody rebelliousness. And what she was about to witness wouldn’t endear him to her further.

«Fine. But you won’t like it.»

Without waiting he turned and steered Caan down the corridor, Roda cautiously following.

Thankfully his TARDIS shorted the journey, and before long he opened the door to the Dalek workshops.

Row upon neat row of spare parts; domes, eye stalks, raw Dalekanium… He had it all. Right down to several dead, half-dead and partially dismembered Daleks in little tanks. Spare parts were spare parts, whether biological or mechanical.

Carefully undoing the dome, he did his best to asses the damage as he heard Roda’s sharp intake of breath.

«Quite the collector, aren’t you?» she remarked, and he shrugged.

«As I mentioned before, I fought a war against the Daleks. Since I kept Caan, it seemed prudent to get some spare parts.»


The word was as pointed as an arrow, but he was not going to apologise for being curious. Dalek technology was genius, and something as insignificant as personal distaste wouldn’t stop him from learning all he could.

Caan gurgled at him as he patched up the broken connections and fixed the eye back where it ought to be, and after a minute Roda mumbled something about feeling sick and started perusing the shelves. He ignored her, and kept working.

It wasn’t until he was gently positioning a new dome onto the top of the casing that he realised her footsteps had died down completely.

Quickly checking a screen, he swore quietly. Telling Caan to stay put, he swiftly followed her, catching up just as she reached the one door she should have stayed away from.

«Roda,» he said, and she turned, still as coiled and ready to snap as a highly strung bow. «Don’t open that door.»

«And why not?» she countered defensively.

«Because you are already upset enough. I don’t want to make it worse.»

She raised an incredulous eyebrow. «Make it worse? What have you got behind there? Skaro?»

He hesitated, and her expression hardened; he could only guess at the expletives flitting across her mind.

Then she opened the door and froze, foot suspended in midair, unwilling to make contact with the floor, awestruck horror vivid on her face.

The Seeker grasped the laser. Just in case.

Chapter 11

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Date: 3 September 2017 07:48 pm (UTC)
enevarim: (hourglass)
From: [personal profile] enevarim
The Seeker noticed the gun, but said nothing.
– Of course he did. (To both halves.)

He hoped that using Caan’s name would help her see how it was different.
– Okay, still in certain respects an idiot, then. I mean, a very clever idiot, obviously, but…

The word was as pointed as an arrow, but he was not going to apologise for being curious.
– Again, both viewpoints totally valid. Which must be quite irritating for both of them.

he swiftly followed her, catching up just as she reached the one door she should have stayed away from.
– Okay, really and seriously here, why, after Jack, is there still a door there? I mean, yes, earlier in the chapter we got the hint about isomorphic controls, more or less. But surely, “Oh, and I keep a replica of Skaro in my TARDIS so that my pet/friend Caan feels less homesick” should be part of the less? And if it wasn’t before the chapters with Jack, surely it should have been made doubly so afterwards?

I mean, obviously, in an Eleventy fairy-tale story, the fact that the door was forbidden would make it absolutely essential, but this is… well, not real life, of course, but at least in theory, or at least the Seeker probably wishes that it were, less of a fairy tale.

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Date: 3 September 2017 09:07 pm (UTC)
enevarim: (eleventy-those-were-the-days)
From: [personal profile] enevarim
Never claimed otherwise.
– The trouble, of course, with a character who is in certain respects not stupid at all (let’s pretend that I’m talking about story-characters instead of m– … ahem. Anyways. It works in multiple circumstances), is that when their weak point shows up it is that much more remarkable, because of how effortlessly they navigate problems of apparently equal of greater difficulty. I’m in no position to claim that this is unrealistic, clearly. Perhaps I should simply compliment you on the realistic home-hitting portrayal and move on. :)

why do you presume it's the same door?
– Well, if the presence of Caan and the Dalek workshops have already really freaked Roda out, and we know there’s a replica of Skaro behind another door, and there’s a door that the Seeker really doesn’t want Roda to go through, it certainly seemed the simplest conclusion.

So now I’m wondering what could be worse for Roda behind that door than a model of Skaro…

Also liked the parallelism of But she brought the gun. Just in case. and The Seeker grasped the laser. Just in case.

ETA: And, I mean

«Make it worse? What have you got behind there? Skaro?»
He hesitated

could of course be simple misdirection, aiming Chekhov’s gun from the last section of the story in a different direction before firing it off, but, well, it certainly feeds into that being “the logical conclusion anyone would jump to”. (Again, if the Seeker is hesitating not because it’s Skaro the other side of the door but because it’s worse than Skaro and allowing her to believe it’s her worst nightmare would actually be better, I’m really curious as to what is actually behind that door…)
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