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So, for whatever reasons, I decided that today you should get Chapter 3. Am hoping to get this finished soon, btw. Should hopefully have time over Christmas...

Chapter 1 and explanations here.

Summary: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard (or: The Seeker takes some time out to travel and think things over)
Setting: Between A Good Day and The Death and Life of Rodageitmososa. (This is AU, but within New Who between Name of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor.
Spoilers: A Good Day. But can easily be read on its own.
Rating: PG-13.
Characters: This part: The Third Seeker, TenToo, Rose and a few others.
Beta: Um... That would be a no. All mistakes mine.
Feedback: Would be amazing. :)

Stepping Sideways: Pete's World

“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” – Lillian Smith


Closing the TARDIS door, the Seeker tilted his head.

“I can prove it, of course. Who I am. But you might not want me to…”

Rose crossed her arms.

“You keep speaking in riddles. Both of you. Can you just explain what’s happening?”

The Seeker studied her.

“Has he never told you about the Master? His... ‘Best Enemy’?”

“Well… A few things, yes…”

With a sigh the Seeker sat himself back down, poured another cup of tea, and went on to explain who he was. The Doctor had told her about The Year That Never Was, but apparently in the Seeker’s time line this ‘Master’ and his wife had had a baby… Who had grown up to the man in front of them. The Doctor still looked highly sceptical, so at the end of his tale the Seeker tilted his head.

“And if you still want proof… I’ve got home videos?”

Getting to his feet, he walked to the central console, tapped some buttons.

“Hmmm. Well, this one’s short…” He turned, studied the Doctor. “Are you sure?”

“Well I would like to see it,” Rose decided, and he smiled.

“This happens to be one of my favourites - Christmas when I was four. I should probably mention that I have regenerated a couple of times since then.”

He pressed a button and a dinner table appeared on the screen, tastefully decorated and full of traditional English Christmas fare. Rose saw an attractive, blonde woman carefully serve out portions, as a man she presumed to be the Master and a little blonde boy pulled a cracker. (Strange that this child was the same as the black haired man with the mercurial eyes… The youngster looked absolutely adorable, and ever so normal.)

The boy squealed in delight at the loud pop, and instantly pulled out the crown hidden inside and put it on the Master’s head. Laughing, he then picked up another cracker, and moments later he himself was also sporting a colourful tissue crown. Jumping onto his father’s lap, he turned to the camera and smiled.

“Look Uncle - now we look just like a king and a prince, like Daddy says we are.”

The Master chuckled and shot the camera a droll look. “Which makes your Uncle the court jester. What do you think my prince, shall he entertain us?”

“Yes yes!” the boy clapped. “Uncle - sing the song of Salyavin, please?”

“Darling - you need to sit down in your own seat and eat your dinner before it goes cold,” the woman said, and the boy sighed. “OK Mummy - but later Uncle?”

“Of course,” the Doctor’s voice replied, and then the film stopped.

Looking up, Rose realised that the Seeker’s eyes were on her Doctor, who’d gone very still.

“I did warn you…” the Seeker said softly, and Rose saw that for whatever reason the short home movie had prised open the giant aching hollow that her Doctor tried his best to live with. The hollow that was labelled ‘Everything I lost’. The hollow where there used to be a second heart, a TARDIS, a body that didn’t age, freedom… And, apparently, this Master, his ‘Best Enemy’.

The things she had to make up for wasn’t fair, and if she could have the actual real Doctor to talk to again, she might let him know that… Sometimes, like now, it seemed as if she spent half her life pretending they weren’t papering over the vast cracks that were an inexorable part of their lives.

She’d thought that maybe this new Time Lord might be a good thing, but it was possible she had been wrong…

“Why don’t you show me your work?” the Seeker suggested, and the Doctor snapped out of his moody thoughts.

“You want to go to Torchwood? Why?”

The suspicion was back with a vengeance, and the Seeker seemed taken aback.

“Why so hostile? What could you possibly have that I would want?”

The Doctor stared, speechless, as the Seeker held his eyes, challenging. Then the Doctor, still watchful, folded his arms.

“Depends how much of your father’s son you are.”

The Seeker’s mouth twisted.

“I don’t play games, Doctor. Not in the way you two do.”

He seemed to suppress a shudder.

“One reason I like that particular little video so much, is that you’re not fighting. My whole childhood sometimes seemed to be nothing but the two of you fighting.” A beat. “Over me, in case that wasn’t obvious. I am here, partly, just to get away from that particular battle, since- since the stakes were raised after my war. I want… no drama. Regarding Torchwood, then I’ve always liked it, and quite frankly can’t believe that a) you work there, and b) that you work at all.”


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Date: 16 December 2015 07:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] luckweaver.livejournal.com
As always, an excellent chapter, lots of good characterisation and given the topics that you've covering, a really great choice of POV.

The scene that the Seeker chose to show them speaks volumes. First of all is the Seeker's reasoning for showing that particular scene; he wants to make the point to the Doctor that he's had enough of the fighting and that's why he's here in the first place. But he doesn't necessarily acknowledge what a scene like that means to the Doctor, and especially this unknown variable of a meta-crisis. Because yes, on the one hand, there's that wistfulness and regret that Rose picked up on. But on the other hand the 'we are the Kings and the Doctor is the Court Jester' side of things is just a painful reminder of, well, The Year That Never Was, and the way that the Master behaves. It probably did less to convince the Doctor that the Seeker was on the level than it did suggest to the Doctor that the Seeker is his father's son (which he is, but that - as Roda found out - isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Rose gets it. But then, Rose is better at understanding people than either the Doctor or the Seeker is...

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Date: 16 December 2015 10:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ragnarok-08.livejournal.com
This was quite a great chapter :DDD


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