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Found on Facebook:



And your boyfriend is a Nazi... Hm. 2017, watch out.
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I was going to write more (and reply to all comments etc.) but it'll have to wait - let's see how motivated I am next year... ;)

For now, I'll let Eleven speak some words of wisdom:


Here's to hoping that 2017 manages to be less awful than 2016. I mean, that's a low bar, right?

(Appropriate Tumblr post here!)

Or I could just go with Miss Quill:

QUILL: Too big. Feels like it's going to consume you. Well, the trick is to keep on living while it does.

I'll make a post about the shows I loved in 2016, but Class will come out at the top, partly because of lines like that. It's a fighting show, acknowledging that sometimes life just fucks you up and you can't take it lying down, and I needed that.
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The Guardian: Ask Carrie Fisher: I'm bipolar – how do you feel at peace with mental illness?
Living with mental illness is tough, Fisher says, and that’s why it’s important to find a community to share experiences and find comfort in the similarities

Vox: In remembering George Michael, don't forget the decades we spent shaming him
Genre snobbery and homophobia made his eulogy a careless whisper instead of a cultural reckoning.

And then youtube suggested this to me... It's a very old episode of 'V Graham Norton', back when it was on Channel 4 (so yes, parts are NSFW!!). It didn't have a date on it, but from the conversation it becomes evident that it's very early in the 2000s - after September 11th, but before they actually went to war. (It's funny how jokes and such date things - the beginning made me cringe. Although I wish he still had the half naked hunks...

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, go to 19 minutes in and listen to him talk about the song he is performing, and then listen to the song itself.

I think we forgot how difficult it was then. Dubya seems forever ago, but really wasn't. Guess Obama was just a reprieve.

Anyway, it's an excellent interview.
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Originally posted by [personal profile] lynnenne at On LJ migrating to Russian servers
I work for a tech company that deals with data residency issues all the time, so I'm sharing what I know about the legalities of LiveJournal moving its physical servers to Russia. (I don't know for certain that they have moved, but [personal profile] siderea has posted some evidence.) 

What I know: 

When a company offers a service to the public, the laws governing that service are determined by where the physical servers reside. For most of its life, LiveJournal servers lived in California, so LJ had to abide by California laws. Among other things, it meant that:

- LJ couldn't share your personal data with advertisers, researchers, or other third parties without your permission
- You maintained the copyright to any stories or essays you wrote
- Whatever speech you published was protected by the first amendment, so they needed a valid reason to take it down (e.g. It violated LJ's terms and conditions, it constituted criminal activity, etc)
- LJ could not turn over your personal data to law enforcement without a warrant

With the servers in Russia, none of that applies anymore. They can basically remove any posts that they don't like (political or otherwise) without giving you a reason. They can delete your entire journal without explanation or recourse. They can also translate your fiction and sell it as their own. And, since they have your credit card info, they can share that with their Russian mafia buddies and use it to steal your identity, hack your bank accounts, etc.

Granted, LiveJournal has been owned by a Russian company for several years, so they might have been doing some of this stuff already. But last week, you could have sued them in a California court for doing it. From now on, you have no legal recourse.

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ETA: I'm already cross-posting from DW, so I don't know that I will change anything immediately. And Theresa May can read everything already...


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