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[livejournal.com profile] shadowkat67 has a brilliant review of #38. It is what I would have written if I had the time and patience to write reviews. And if I gave a crap. Anyway, I'm going to borrow her words because she reminded me of something that's been making me angry for a long time now. And apparently today was when I had enough:

And I just love this quote by Flying!Kitty:

"It was Buffy who set it all in motion. When she activated the other slayers."

It's echoed later here:

"All this started when we shared the power. We changed the world. Bound to be some casualties."

I have problems with this pov - for one major reason, it forces you to examine the fact that the heroine was set up to fail from the beginning. That she may only have power if some guy is managing it. That women can't handle physical power on their own. And it certainly shouldn't be shared. Heaven forbid there be a lot of women, super-powered women, with more power than the guys.

Because what this means, is that the underlying metaphor is very simply:

Female empowerment = the end of the world.

No really. That. Is. It. That's what Joss has done to our Buffy. There's no redeeming that, no retconning that can magically make that go away in the last two issues.

I can shrug off the OOCness, the pathetic plot, the crack, the glowhypnol, the space frakking - it's stupid, and it hurts to see characters I love misused, but this? This makes me furious.

So I'm going to go watch [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpups Vow (Buffy Vs the First: I came around to tear your little world apart) and [livejournal.com profile] obsessive24's Bachelorette (In the shape of a girl) and I'm going to cheer for my girl.

And tonight when (hopefully) Darcy will bring home my birthday present (S5 of DW \o/) I shall sit down and watch Amy and River being awesome, and pretend that the comics don't exist.

For good measure, here's The Immortal, mocking the total fail of s8 with his shiny, shiny pants. Because everyone knows that Buffy went to Rome and dated him. That's canon.

Finally, Barb is being awesome again and has decided to host a ficathon (see linked post for more details):


Rules: Write a story that addresses something that drives you nuts about S8. It can be any length, any pairing, any characters, any rating. It can be a story about Angel that takes into account that he's got a son he cares for. It can be a story about Giles being a competent, kick-ass researcher. It can be a story about Buffy being an effective leader. It can be a story that just has good pacing and a plot that makes sense. It can be shippy, or it can be gen. It can be comedy or tragedy, adventure or character study, kinky or vanilla, canon-compliant or wildly AU. It can be anything, as long as it takes an aspect of S8 that you don't like, and does it better.

(Disabling comments cause this is a rant and I'm not going to discuss it.)


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