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Date: 16 December 2018 05:04 pm (UTC)
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And you could take that as a sign of creator growth, too, I guess; Moffat learned that you can't just headcanon a character to be bi or pan or whatever, you have to make sure that someone else knows.
This, but also the fact that he hadn't noticed - it wasn't an active thing, we are just not able to see our own blind spots. He quite simply wasn't thinking of whether he had gay characters or not. The important part of course being that he then self-corrected. Ditto with Bill - I recall him talking about deliberately wanting to cast a black companion, because he had previously presumed that if you just had normal auditions, you would automatically get an 'average' range of ppl, reflecting the population, and realised that that isn't the case, so became pro-active in casting someone not-white.

The moral of the story of course being: Put more minorities in positions of power, cause they don't need to learn these things.

I do wonder if Chibnall intended Yaz to be bi, but we know so little about her that it's impossible to tell.
There is a single line from her mother and... nothing else. :(

What I hope will happen is that Graham & Ryan leave and we get a season of Thirteen & Yaz, and then HOPEFULLY we will get something deeper. And not just because Yaz is obviously the Doctor's 'favourite' - I am thinking specifically of the scene in It Takes You Away where she is talking to Yaz and trying to work out what's going on, and it fits the Doctor's general pattern: The Doctor prefers companions who are young women. That's her type, and always has been. Which is fine, but we need a spot-light on that, and something more interesting. (Three companions is too many.)
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