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Um, scattered thoughts.

- Doctor's entrance: A+ Also the music!!

- The Bad Guy was The Evil Toothfairy. We were all MUCH amused. For those not familiar with our family lore, when the girls were little Darcy would tell them about The Evil Toothfairy who might come to collect their teeth, just like the good one. Except the evil one didn't leave money, and she took the teeth to put them In Her Mouth so she had millions of teeth and if the children woke up when she was there she'd bite their head off.

- The Cherub (now 13!!) liked the episode a lot, except for 'too many people died'. I was vv sad that Grace died (although I was wondering whilst watching how Graham was the one to go travelling since his wife was obviously the adventurous one).

- This was a LOCAL EPISODE for LOCAL PEOPLE. (If you don't get that, check out The League of Gentlemen.) Seriously, it was weird. I live in Yorkshire. These were all people that seemed to familiar I could meet them in town. The humour, the atmosphere... the drunk guy picking the veg out of his kebab - 100% authentic & accurate.

- It was all very Doctor Who, with crazy haphazard contraptions and wires everywhere. Loved all the welding (Sheffield steel!).

- Gary was <3

- Family is obviously the key word.

- Mostly then I need to watch it again to get to grips with it.

ETA: Main thing - I could watch Thirteen forever. Utterly magical. ♥

Also this, which isn't spoilery: Doctor Who Weekly Roundup: 24th Sept - 1st Oct Mostly for the picture of thirteen Thirteenth Doctor. :)
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