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And it is finished!! I started this particular series of stories almost 2 years ago... Feels like a lot longer. 40k+ words later, here we are. Hope you found it worthwhile.

Summary: Missy meets the Seeker.
Setting: Immediately after Missy disappears/disintegrates in Death in Heaven (the S8 finale). Works rather perfectly as a little FitB to canon. :)
Characters: Missy, the Seeker.


Part 3

The Seeker watched Missy pull angry faces - and then vanish, some back-up plan or other being put into action.

Involuntarily his left hand went up to his neck, where her hairpin had touched his skin…

It had been a close call. Far too close for comfort. Playing Russian Roulette with his ‘father’s’ feelings… He should have known better.

Taking a slow drag of the cigar, letting the smoke burn through him, his eyes hardened.

The Doctor had read him The Jungle Books (with hindsight preparing the Child of Two Worlds to be welcome in neither), but his father had handed mummy ‘Bambi: A Life in the Woods’. People whom he had told usually wondered at this, thinking of syrup-y Disney movies. They did not know his father. Or Bambi. Prince of the forest.

He was snuggled up to his mother, the old book held securely in her hands, the bedside lamp lighting her face in a soft golden glow.

“What are you crying about?” the old stag asked severely. Bambi trembled in awe and did not dare answer. “Your mother has no time for you now,” the old stag went on. Bambi was completely dominated by his powerful voice and at the same time, he admired it. “Can’t you stay by yourself? Shame on you!”

Alexander Saxon was four years old, and he knew when he was being taught a lesson.

Turning away from the monitor, he flicked a handle. He’d learned to stay by himself a long, long time ago.

He also knew what an empty lesson it had been. Especially in the light of his travels.

Missy’s poison pin had come after Roda’s knife, Jack’s gun… People - who in another world loved him - looking at him with fear and revulsion. It hadn’t been a particularly pleasant lesson to take on board, but useful all the same.

Don’t take people for granted. They owe you nothing. In a different life they might detest you.

But also - they might appreciate him in entirely different ways. And they had taught him things he could not have learned otherwise.

Nodding to himself, he knew he had already made the decision - it was time to go home.

After all he had a universe to rule, and he now knew how to go about it. His stepping sideways for a bit had definitely been worth it.


Now, myself & [profile] luckweaver already wrote the story of what happened when the Seeker returned (which was most definitely not what he expected):

The Death and Life of Rodageitmososa

On LJ: 1st chapter here

On DW: Tags here

On AO3: Here
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