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And part 2! :)

Chapter 1 and notes here.

Summary: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard (or: The Seeker takes some time out to travel and think things over)
Setting: Between A Good Day and The Death and Life of Rodageitmososa. (This is AU, but within New Who between Name of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor.)
Spoilers: A Good Day. But can easily be read on its own.
Rating: PG-13.
Characters: The Third Seeker (OC), Alt!Capt Jack (during his con man days)
Beta: Um... That would be a no. All mistakes mine.
Feedback: Would be amazing. :)

Stepping Sideways: A Jack in the Box

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller


The fish was not alone. Ze was flanked by two other Time Agents, also fully armed and with their guns aimed at his and his new friend’s heads.

“Hands where I can see them and backs against the wall,” the fish snapped, and Jack sighed. This well and truly ruined a promising day. “And don’t even think about using your teleport.”

As he took a step back, he shot his handsome crush an apologetic look. He was about to say something, but the look on the other’s face gave him pause. He looked neither frightened or worried, no; he seemed… amused.

“You never change,” the stranger then said, studying Jack fondly. “It’s very reassuring.”

“Silence! We have no quarrel with you, but if you are an… associate of this man, we will need to question you. Who are you?”

The amusement changed to a cold smile as the stranger lifted his chin, somehow looking down on their captors even though they towered over them.

“Since you ask so nicely. I am the Seeker, and these… are my friends.”

He turned his palms upwards, and out of the thin air four metal spheres appeared. For a second Jack thought they were maybe some kind of cameras, until sharp knives abruptly emerged and within moments were at the Time Agents’ throats.

Jack stared, stunned, as ‘the Seeker’ then reached into his pocket and brought out an oblong, brushed metal tool.

‘The Seeker’ - odd name, to go with an odd guy. But he seemed to be very enterprising, so Jack wasn’t about to complain.

“Right, we’ll be off then – don’t try to fight, my friends are very trigger-happy…”

And - pressing a button on the tool - the interior of a spaceship grew up around them.

Jack considered himself pretty fly in the ways of escaping a sticky situation, but this one was new! Cute and smart, was there no end to his new friend’s talents?

In a flash, the Seeker was at the controls and they took off to… wherever. Jack was too busy studying the beautiful control room to care. The central console was hexagonal, with a central golden column and enough ingenious controls to make anyone weak at the knees in appreciation.

Around the edges were what looked like cupboards as well as seating, the colour scheme mostly white with red accents in the furnishings. Unusual, but definitely welcome.

“Nice outfit,” he grinned, as the spheres popped up again.

“Jack!” they chirped, in strange and somewhat unsettling voices, and the Seeker held up a hand to get their attention.

“Listen my little murderballs! This is a different Jack to the one you know, just like the Doctor that we met was different, OK? So please say a nice hello.”

“Hello Jack,” they sing-songed, and the Seeker nodded, pleased.

“Right Jack - this is Harvey, Princess, Bonnie and Clyde.

Jack waved at them vaguely, making a mental note to ask if they were robots or something else, but not really caring. Right now, his interest was elsewhere.

“Look, I believe we were having a moment…” he said, insinuating himself into the Seeker’s personal space. “And if we’re out of harm’s way, I’d say this would be the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted.”

And there is was again - that soft, fond smile, that pinged something that Jack couldn’t place. Something at the tip of his tongue; familiar, yet unexpected. The Seeker looked younger than Jack, but if Jack was a judge of people - and he was pretty good at that, even if he said so himself - the Seeker was a great deal older than he looked...

“You are incorrigible,” the Seeker chuckled, “I thought you’d at least ask about my ship before trying to seduce me…”

“Well, you tell me all about the gorgeous levers and handles, and how powerful your engine is and all the clever little tricks it can perform, and I’ll focus on trying to make you fly. Deal?”

There would be pillow talk afterwards. But the abrupt burst of adrenaline that the sudden peril had brought with it was still tingling under his skin, and he could think of no better way of spending it than by getting his handsome new friend out of his clothes.

Sadly his new friend didn’t fall into his arms the way he was hoping.

“Look, I have known you my whole life. This isn’t going to be simple…”

Curiouser and curiouser. But Jack was now determined to hang around. The Seeker was a mystery to unravel in every way.

“Here, let me show you the outside,” the Seeker smiled, pressing a button to open the door. Puzzled, but presuming the other wouldn’t go to all this trouble just to ditch him now, he stepped outside… And realised that his catch was something very different to what he had ever imagined.

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