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People always look back at the year that's gone to see what they wrote. And from a stricktly fannish perspective, my record is, um, sparse.

I finished Stepping Sideways: Pete's World (10 chapters, Doctor Who AU) and also wrote We Might as Well be Strangers (2/2) (same AU, [profile] luckweaver wrote part 1.

And then I wrote To Missy's Credit, a birthday fic set post Hell Bent, featuring Missy and the General. (Fun & short.)

However, that doesn't mean I didn't write. I wrote *loads*, practically a novel's worth. (I should probably check the word count.)

You may remember me mentioning a story called 'George' some time last year. Offshoot of an AU, and with a single toe in Doctor Who - but that's irrelevant, it's essentially original, and may end up as an actual novel. Hence me posting it flocked to my other LJ when_i_write.

It is... well, it started out as a 'Coming Out' story, but then grew and grew. So now it's more of a Coming Of Age story, and follows George (a very very ordinary boy, who just happens to be gay, and doesn't really take kindly to being labelled and stereotyped) from age 15 to age 27. And it is now FINISHED OMG!

If you are curious to check it out, the first chapter is here (not flocked) and if you are curious to read more, just leave a comment here or there, and I'll add you back. (Yes I know, LJ and Russia and all the rest and I'll probably import the whole thing to a DreamWidth account, but right now I'm just so happy that I've FINISHED IT, that other things have to wait.)

If you *do* want to check it out I will love you forever btw. These are all MY characters (except a brief cameo from Capt Jack) and I love them all dearly. <3

ETA: So, I just checked the word count... A little over 200,000 words. Well. That's a novel. Or two. Crickey. I mean, I knew it was LONG, but damn.

Hey - please all read my INSANELY long first draft novel, crammed FULL of gay characters. (And a handful of bi, trans, etc. Also POCs. I probably screw up a LOT, since these are not my issues, but I am trying?)
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