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We made Miss M's day as we had bought her Nietzsche's 'The Birth of Tragedy'.

In case I have failed to properly update LJ on the progress of her A-Levels (she has just finished Year one), her favourite subject is philosophy, and she is planning to go on to read that subject at uni. Possibly at Cambridge.

(Earlier in the week I bought her 'Moominpapa at Sea' since we (shockingly) do not own it [in English], and it is also a deeply philosophical work. We are such bohemians...)

Otherwise all girls are enjoying the holidays, and we are currently forcing them to pack as we go away on Monday.

Oh, and this article caught my eye:

An extraordinary first week for Boris Johnson

The big vote was a month ago. It feels so much longer. And the changes have been... At the rate we're going, in a month's time Diane Abbott could be Labour leader. (I think I'd like that, to be honest.)
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